Having just seen that “next week Limp Bizkit are releasing a track with Lil Wayne”, I first felt a shudder. And then the lights began to dim. And then there was thunder. All was grey. No light on the horizon. This was actually happening. For real… in today’s music industry.

I have been unfortunate enough to share my birthday with Master Bieber and it fills me with great sadness to see his success massively outdoing other, real, genuine musicians. But this photo tells its own story

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However, it made me laugh more than cry. This is a clear message that commercial music has been steadily eroding over the years to the point where we have the likes of Justin Bieber ruling Youtube views and the charts. However, my point is this: COMMERCIAL (POP CHARTS) music has been eroding over the years, there is still fantastic music out there. It just requires a little more effort to find it. I search and find and then post what I have been listening to this last week. If you listen to the likes of Justin Bieber then please continue to read on. Everybody is welcome, but you may not like it… but as a JB fan you have already proven that your opinion is wrong! (NOTE: this is all a joke. Please don’t take me seriously and weep in to your I 3> JB t-shirts or anything. No opinion is wrong) (Except yours! ;D)

1) Firstly, this sublime EP by Canadian girl punk outfit, THE DISHRAGS.

Death in the Family is as steady a punk rock EP as you could wish to find. No bigs thrills, no pristine production, no “baby baby baby ohhh” lyrics (JB is just on my mind right now). This is simply three girls, power chords, 4/4, and attitude. When things get too stressful or over complicated, spend eight minutes alone with this fun and real record. That is what it’s all about.

2) Secondly, my lost and found album of the week is Who Needs Actions… by PLAN B

I didn’t take to grime artist Plan B straight away. I just didn’t get him and the “dis dat” language. However, this video made me change my opinion. It is the first time the world was truly introduced to Plan B. He was completely unknown playing his track “No More” at the NME Awards in 2006. Just himself and an acoustic guitar. The emotion he puts in to his lyrics and performance is something anybody can appreciate, even if you’re not a fan of his music. You’ll see the audience completely taken back by his show. This hasn’t happened since the likes of Nirvana entered the scene.

Plan B has balls and they’re plastered all over his debut album. He spits stories for all to hear in a clear and intriguing way. It’s almost an audiobook for adults. But then comes some respite when it gets too deep with choruses sang in the voice of his alter-ego. Delicate mixed with the rough. Truly gripping stuff and I shall eat my own hat for ever doubting Plan B.

3) A great track released this week is by drum and bass producer HIGH CONTRAST.

“Almost Human” features vocals from Clare Maguire and is taken from his latest album The Agony and The Ecstasy. It isn’t a single but what seems to be the case with this album is that the non-single tracks are head and shoulders above the ones that are. They don’t cater quite as much for the general public, which can be said of this killer tune. It doesn’t have the vocals from Tiesto and it certainly won’t ever be at number one in any of the charts because it probably lacks that massive hook, but from start to finish “Almost Human” has a brilliant twilight atmosphere to it. Perfectly released in time for those light summer nights. Time it right for this track to play as the sun is setting and you’ll understand. It’s a grower.


And after you’ve listened to that, be sure to check out the track of 2011 (for me): The Plan Cannot Fail by London Elektricity.

And as is always the case, listen in HD.

4) This week has seen a few great tracks released come to think of it. Notably ARCTIC MONKEYS have released their stand alone single R U Mine? The track is fuelled with a groove that has infiltrated much of their recent work and stands alongside an edginess that we all loved in their first few albums. Very high backing vocals throughout give that extra dimension to an already good song to create something worthy of a blog post.

Another song that has been making the news recently is Hold On by ALABAMA SHAKES. I love this song. It’s very early Kings of Leon but without the exciting edge that they brought to their music. Instead, Alabama Shakes play it safe, it’s almost gospel, but it’s cool. It is simple, effective, and very well done music that you could let your kids listen to. Nothing wrong with that.

That’ll do for this week. If people find any tracks they like or could recommend please comment. I don’t have a lot of time to write on here as much as I would like to but I do my best to share my weekly music taste.


PS I don’t really have anything against Justin Bieber. He does his thing, fair play to him. I’ll be present in 50 years when he’s entered in to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame! Bieber forever!!!!