Olympic Fever is all over the UK and the torch has passed through many villages, towns and cities, giving thousands of people the once in a lifetime opportunity to grab a piece of the dream in their back gardens.

Events have taken place across the country, and the Torch has covered over 4,000 miles already, with another 4,000 more until it reaches London for the opening ceremony in just a few weeks’ time.

But the Olympic Torch Relay isn’t covered solely by foot. In my local area alone it  has abseiled, and chugged along on a light railway.I have heard that in other places it has ridden a horse and mountain biked. Needless to say it has passed many UK landmarks like Land’s End and Loch Ness.

While at the Olympic Event, a 92 year-old war veteran was the one lucky enough to light the cauldron. In his speech, he said that young people now-a-days waste their money, and they should all go out and buy a bicycle! If I reach 92 years old and can still cycle 14 miles a day like he does, I’ll be a happy woman!

People are chosen to carry the torch for numerous reasons; I have heard of war veterans, injured soldiers, charity workers, teachers, and the ill who don’t stop for anything. It is humbling to see that deserving people have been noticed to do something so memorable, something that will go down in history.

Something I don’t quite approve of is that LOCOG then chargers the torchbearer £200 if they want to keep theirs as a memento. The funds raised probably go to some worthy causes, but £200 is pretty extortionate.

The Torch itself is filled with 8,000 holes, this is to symbolise how many bearers will carry it.

If you haven’t yet seen the Torch or been to an event, it is something not to be missed. Oh and, don’t forget to pick up some free merchandise from the Coca Cola, Samsung, or Lloyds TSB buses to show your support!