We all heard Jeremy Clarkson’s name in the newspapers and the news for weeks over the “fracas” with the Top Gear producer in March 2015 when he launched a seemingly unprovoked physical attack on Oisin Tymon, 36 which left the producer in need of hospital treatment. After many weeks of debating on who was in the right by various members of the nation including the Prime Minister David Cameron, the BBC decided to suspend him from his position in Top Gear and terminate his contract in general with them. However in his column for the Sunday Times, he has spoken about his cancer scare.

He wrote that two days before, he had a doctor’s appointment where they found a lump on his tongue; and the doctor said “it’s probably cancer and he should get it checked out immediately” however Jeremy was unable to do this as he said he was in the middle of filming the hit show and Top Gear had to always come first. He then went on to say that it was the most stressful days of his life and in his 27 years of his career in the BBC.

Clarkson’s contract was not renewed, with director-general Tony Hall saying at the time ‘a line has been crossed’ and ‘there cannot be one rule for one and one rule for another’.

But the broadcasting veteran received widespread public support, including from friend Prime Minister David Cameron. Jeremy Clarkson said since that he even considered turning his back on presenting altogether in the immediate fall-out from the incident. Earlier this month, North Yorkshire Police said that following an investigation Clarkson would face no further police action over his attack on the producer at a hotel after he turned himself in.

Jeremy Clarkson had also pulled out of his planned appearance hosting BBC satirical show Have I Got News For You, which was due to be filmed next week, and aired a day later. It would have been his first BBC appearance since the fracas which led to his exit from the BBC.

The thought of cancer is a terrifying one for anyone; coupled with the pressure of being a well known TV figure however I cannot help but think where was his self control? Many people, including at the time of me writing this are being tested for cancer and have to juggle commitments, but not all of us have such an intense lack of self control that we take our temper and frustrations out on those around us. Then again, is society partly to blame for the rise of immature “celebrities?”.

Considering how many celebrities are seen in the media having been caught up in some scandal or another, are we actually fueling their need for attention by giving them column space and air time?

In the past, every time Jeremy Clarkson came out with something extremely offensive that had it been said by anyone else, it would have had them under fire and them suspended from their job; but each time the incident was glossed over and he was allowed to continue presenting. It’s only now they’ve finally had enough and suspended him that he feels outraged. But as with small children who go through the “ego centric” phase in their development, they have to learn, as do adults. Lets just hope that he does learn from his mistakes and is able to juggle his own health and well being with any future career.