It’s not that long ago that an internet connection of any description was as unlikely a part of student living as a clean kitchen and hair-free plughole.

Cast your mind back only a decade and the possibility of getting online was entirely dependent on the whim of your temperamental dial-up mechanism, not to mention other unknowns like wind or rain and whether your housemate wanted to phone home or not.

Thanks to the advances of technology anyone can now enjoy a decent wifi connection in their student house, and one company embracing the opportunity that this presents is Pickard Properties, who install a wifi connection in all its student houses in Leeds – for free.

So what does this all mean for the average student? Here are four things that have been totally transformed by the power of wifi…

Burn the Blockbusters card and never pay for extortionate cinema popcorn again. Speedy, download-friendly wifi brings a world of entertainment to your laptop, from Netflix to the Xbox.

As a student, money is something you’re not really supposed to have. But wifi means you can have more than you used to by saving on virtually everything – decorating your house, buying second-hand textbooks on Amazon, cheap gig tickets or voucher codes galore. The list is endless.

Universities are seats of learning after all, so how fortunate you are that now is the best time to study for a degree ever. Well, apart from tuition fees perhaps. Never before has a student had such access to global learning and research resources – but that’s what wifi enables.

The job market’s a pretty tricky place at the moment, so take matters into your own hands. Become the next Zuckerberg, Page or countless other internet heroes and start a business from your student bedroom. And they didn’t even need wifi to do it…

For more information about free wifi in all of Pickard Properties Leeds student houses, call us on 0113 246 9395.