Global warming. Global myth or global warning?

My mum- the Eco warrior- is currently downstairs piling empty cartons into recycling bins in an effort to save our unstable planet. She bangs on about carbon emissions and tries her best to reduce her carbon footprint “just saving the planet for the next generation” she’ll say, shoving shopping into reusable bags. 

I- on the other hand am currently typing away on an iPad, watching Batman on an LCD Tv and playing The Rolling Stones from an “old skool” cd player (all of which require electricity). Why? Am I a selfish ‘yoofian’ who does not wish to save the planet for future generations? Am I intent on destroying mankind? Melodramatics aside…the truth is I just don’t believe in it. For me Global Warming is a Global Myth.

Now you can’t argue with science I hear you say. But I’ve never really  been a science-y kinda gal. Men with bad teeth and receding hairlines tell us on the news that temperatures are soaring, water is scarce and polar caps are disappearing. Just this week an entire island of ice (twice the size of Manhattan…however big that is) has broken free from Greenland’s massive Petermann Glacier. And this jailbreak of ice caps isn’t the first, and Scientists warn that it most likely won’t be the last. 

So ice caps running wild, holes in the ozone layer and celebrities jumping on the go-green bandwagon. How am I still not sold to the idea? Well…in history we trust. For me, this Global Warming nonsense is simply the worlds natural order.    Like earth is just having a mini breakdown every few thousand years. Between 1,000 A.D and 1950 A.D there were huge temperature deviations and before we stripped our natural resources almost bare and ravaged our environment with emissions, chemicals and gasses there is evidence of warming periods in the Earths early history. So…without cars, planes and power stations the Earths temperature  was still fluctuating,  out of the control of human influence. 

In addition Global Warming is something celebrities are just desperate to make cool. Which annoys me. I don’t  believe in it just because Bono and Geldof and flaming Chris Martin believe in it. Like somehow believing in it would make me one of them, and I desperately don’t want to be one of them. Whatever they are. It annoys me that these people are so concerned about the planet that they fly on private jets and buy their own islands. 

But rant against the famous aside…

For me, Global Warming is a myth. Something the Western world has capitalised on; making money out of fear. Like the ice age, “Global Warming” is simply a phase the planet must go through. A temperamental teenager acting out. Whatever it is, spending 27p on a reusable shopping bag, sitting in a near Antarctic feeling house or waiting twenty minutes for your energy saving lightbulb to emit any form of light isn’t going to make much difference.

Ofcourse I wouldn’t dare tackle the Eco-warrior on the subject; but whether you believe Global Warming is fact or fiction only time will tell if Earth really is a ticking time bomb.