Heres another how have you not seen and this time we’re looking at the all great Community which manages to tackle almost getting cancelled so many times but don’t let that put you off considering it’s one of the best laugh out loud comedies around!

Now Community is set in an American community college which equals out, to anyone who doesn’t know, being a way anyone of any age can get a degree in America. The series follows a quite odd group of misfits who vary from ages and lifestyles (some having just come from high school and others finding new ways to life) as they go through so very strange situations at their community college.

We see Jeff (Joel McHale), Britta (Gillian Jacobs), Annie (Allison Brie), Shirley (YvetteNicole Brown), Pierce (Chevy Chase) and the ever hilarious Troy (Donald Glover) and Abed (Danny Pudi.) These seven characters are very different from each other yet somehow make an incredible bond of friendship, chaining into better people as the series goes by. Throwing in some very wacky adventures that these lot (and the community college) go through makes an incredible interesting and very hilarious show.

The wacky adventures are something that I find most fun about the show as they constantly spoof other forms of TV and film (just look at an episode dedicated to Pulp Fiction and don’t forget the ever hilarious Christmas episode dedicated to Glee, yes Glee!) But also don’t forget to pick up on all the constant references to cult classic films throughout the series, all of which usually come from Abed and Troy.

Some episodes which really stand out in Community are Modern Warfare an episode dedicated to a spoof on Call of Duty but with paintballs where everyone in the college takes it very seriously! Another notable favourite has got to be Contemporary American Poultry an episode dedicated to the brilliant 90′s film Goodfellas. Remedial Chaos Theory is the best episode of the show which spans a night of alternate realities for the characters. Heck theres so many to choose from with a spoof episode on Law & Order, an episode in a documentary style about pillows & blanket forts leading to a college war (Pillows & Blankets), an episode almost entirely in an 8-bit game, another episode dedicated to Dungeons & Dragons. The list could go on and on but don’t worry the show isn’t all spoofs, it’s very much how these characters interact shown perfectly in episodes like Cooperative Calligraphy which is set in their study hall which is all about a lost pen.

Community is one of those special little gems. It’s not widely known but is a perfect idea (and something very different) in the TV comedy world. Again I could go on about this forever but I’ve given you a brief idea now go get it watched and don’t forget, Troy and Abed in the Morningggggg.