There’s the age old saying of ‘live everyday as if it’s your last’ and although I personally don’t do this ( as sometimes it is simply to tempting to sit on the sofa catching up on all the neccessary television with a blanket a constant flow of food and towards the evening a good bottle of  vino). I always like to think of myself as someone who is open to new experiences and I guess ticking things off of my bucket list.

There are hundreds of things I want to do in my life, and so try to do something at least once a week (this is also due to the fact I get extremley irritable incredibly quickly). A task which I am currently undertaking is the Sheffield half marathon. Bearing in mind this is coming from someone who hasn’t exercised since being at secondary school and am now nearing 20. But hey ho it’s a task which i have set myself and to most peoples disbelief is one I intend to fulfil.

I’ve decided I’m going to do something once a year, starting off with the half marathon, then building up to a full marathon, cycling London to Paris, then lands end to John o groats, hopefully getting over my fear of the sea and swiming the English channel and then finishing off with a triathalon for good measure. Looking at it written down it I’m starting to wonder . . .

Never the less I’ve been getting up ever morning and begin my training. I start with a brisk walk and attempt to go into a jog ( though by the end I am collapsing in a heap with a face which makes a tomato look pale).  I then begin the day feeling much better as I feel like I’m doing achieving something.

I fully understand that at this time of year people are constantly making ‘new years resolutions’ of getting fit, drinking less and eating more healthy. I have no intention of doing the latter two but am quite enjoying getting fit, though I did expect to lose weight and tone up long with the whole getting fit buisness. Yet to most peoples amusment I’ve actually put it on, but as it goes muscle weighs more than fat.

Who doesn’t love a good bucket list.