1. iPhone Version – Instagram



Gameboy Version – Camera and Printer

An observable fact: modern photo effects and filters have not yet surpassed this technology.
Gameboy Camera and printer


2. iPhone Version – Bump

Wirelessly exchanges pictures with other users in one socially awkward and embarrasing gesture.


Game Boy Version: Game Boy Color Infrared Port

The only way to give yourself the best Pokémon from Red AND Blue, unless of course you owned Pokemon Yellow.


3. iPhone Version – Mail


Gameboy Version – World Port


4. iPhone Version – Torch

Let’s you see the world when it is dark, without the consumption of carrots


Game Boy Version: Mad Katz Game Boy Color Magnifier


5. iPhone Version – Vibrate Function


Game Boy Version: The Legendary Shock ‘n’ Rock


6. iPhone Version – AirPlay

Lets you show off all your new £99 gadget by displaying pictures which are normally on your phone on your tv!


Gameboy Version – Transfer Pack

Transferring your Pokemon from your Gameboy to your N64 = AWESOME!


7. iPhone Version – Game Centre


Gameboy Version – This

It’s a god damn Gameboy mug!