Three wheels, two brothers, one mission; to travel the world in a Tuk Tuk. Yes that’s right, a Tuk Tuk, a three wheeled auto rickshaw that is usually used in Far East cities as taxis etc.

On the first of September this year two brothers, Kevan ‘Kev’  Pulfrey and Alexander ‘AJ’ Saxon plan to conquer the world on this wonderful vehicle, they have branded their mission as ‘Tuk The High Road’ and are confident that this won’t only be an experience of a life time but also a Guiness World Record.

The seed for this idea was first planted in the mind of AJ whist sitting in a bar in Cambodia, AJ himself said: “I jokingly asked a Cambodian tuk tuk driver how much it would cost to drive back to the UK. The driver said it was impossible. Not being one to back down from a challenge the seed was planted!”

He then returned to the UK and couldn’t help but broche this subject with his brother, Kev, and decided that this “wasn’t enough of a challenge”; this was the birth of ‘Tuk The High Road’.

Many hours and even days were spent scouring for a suitable Tuk Tuk, then, eventually, on the wonderful world of eBay, ‘Tuk’ was found. By choosing a Tuk Tuk for this incredible voyage the two believed that this would separate them from the usual ‘round the world trip’; there’s no road crew or following entourage on board, it is simply the two brothers doing this alone.

And of course, these two fellows are doing it for charity; The Alzheimer’s Society and Stars Syncope Trust are the two charities that the lads have decided to support as they are close to the heart, both have family members suffer from Alzheimer’s and Kev himself suffering from syncope.

Due to not having a road crew etc, Kev is being the ‘grease monkey’ out of the two, now, taking engines apart and re-assembling them isn’t all that he does, he’s also an accredited Michelin star chef in the UK. His current employer is very understanding and has agreed to anything up a year long sabbatical and also donated £1000 to the endeavour.

Once preparations for the trip are further advanced, the Tuk The High Road website will be accepting public donation, 100% of these donations shall be going to said charities, split equally between the two.

They have also been seeking corporate sponsors; they have clothing from Salomon, translation services from Talking Heads and even have Virgin, yes that’s right guys, VIRGIN on board, with Rochard Branson himself putting them on his PERSONAL blog. Wow, bug news I know.

Now, I know you’re all dying to know the route; the initial idea is to take in the wonders of the world, both new and ancient. The Taj Mahal in India, the Great Wall of China, the Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Chichen Itza in Mexico are all destinations on this trip. Kev and AJ are also keen to listen to ‘audience requests’ for the sights to see and new, daring things to experience en route.  Of course they can’t do all of the requests but they see this unique audience participation as a wonderful way of generating coverage, thus leading to more donations for their charities.

If you want to check these guys out or even follow their progress, just type into Google ‘Tuk The High Road’ or even follow them on both Facebook and Twitter.

They hope to see you there!