As a summer project, I decided this year I will watch the IMDB top 250 movies and it’s going pretty well. One day, I watched Godfather Part 1 and 2 and thought “hey, why not follow it up with Part 3?”- Foolish mistake.
This was about two weeks ago and the effects have finally washed off, now I can report back to you and ensure you don’t make the same mistake.
– My name is Frankie, I don’t usually like being called anything else because I was born and raised a Frankie. After Godfather 3 had finished, I made everyone I spoke to call me Francesca with an accent and hand gestures for twelve days.
– You learn valuable lessons from the Godfather like not to fuck with anyone with a large extended family. However, as a naturally aggressive person, my threats to people had certainly become abstract. For example, the old horse head threat, the “let’s go fishing” threat, and the one that brings me to my next bullet point; the “let’s go to an Italian restaurant” (this is still continuing).
– According to the Godfather box set, an Italian restaurant is the best place to kill people without getting caught. In my two weeks of a Godfather induced casually racist coma, I even attempted to avoid streets which housed Italian restaurants. If any major foodie did what I did, restaurants may lose business. This lasted a week.
– Anyone I saw in a suit, I was instantly attracted to. If you have seen some of the guys in Reservoir Dogs, you’ll know that it is tough. The Godfather evidently brings out unsafe suit worship. This ended yesterday when I was working at a bar and a drunk fat business man accidentally spat on me when he was ordering drinks (and his suit was shit).
– I ate nothing but spaghetti and meatballs for a week, this kind of stuff is normal usually but I don’t like meatballs.
– I also couldn’t stop talking without over exaggerated hand gestures. Ever tried pulling pints when you can’t stop moving your arms because you’re talking to someone? Not easy. (This one is a hard habit to kick).
– My friends are now separated; the people who have seen the Godfather trilogy and the people who haven’t. I shouldn’t have friends. This will never end.
In general, the Godfather is a great trilogy but please don’t watch them all together and if you do, make sure you’re in the company of others so you can’t get too influenced by the film. Good luck and god bless.