The time is now, the day is here! What I had been waiting for has finally arrived: the release of Les Misérables (even though it had already been released in other countries weeks ago). It won’t be long until I see it, but I am worried that it won’t live up to my expectations. And I have quite a few…




HUGH JACKMAN: I expect everything from him. EVERYTHING. I wasn’t even surprised when he got nominated for an Oscar
yesterday, and I haven’t seen the film yet! But I know something: he is an excellent actor who hadn’t had a chance so far to prove it, because he is associated with action movies. And also, he is a TERRIFIC singer. He was meant to be Valjean, it is a role he was born to play. And if you don’t believe me, please go to YouTube and watch videos of Jackman performing at the Tony Awards (he has won one) and hosting the Oscars. And then I DARE you say that he isn’t amazing. He is like an Australian Will Smith, for God’s sake: he can sing, act in dramas and in action films and everybody loves him. That’s it.







ÉPONINE AND COSETTE: One thing I usually fear with adaptations is that they might cast famous actors in minor roles, therefore expanding those roles and undermining more important ones. And that is the case with Cosette. I hope Éponine’s role hasn’t been reduced just because Amanda Seyfried is more famous than Samatha Barks. I like Seyfried, I loved her in Mamma Mia and in Letters To Juliet, but in the end, Éponine is the one that really matters (On My Own, please…) and Cosette merely wanders around. And I think so little publicity for Barks hasn’t been fair, because she is an incredible singer and she deserved to get the attention the actress playing Éponine should have had.




FANTINE: I had the same problem with this role, but apparently they are being faithful to the musical and Anne Hathaway only appears for 20 minutes in the film. Thank you, Tom Hooper. (By the way, I hope she wins the Oscar).







THE THÉNARDIERS: These were probably the casting choices that excited me the most. It had to be Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter, the most peculiar thespians in British scene. Master Of The House is one of the musical pieces I’m most looking forward to seeing.


That said, I know I am going to love it (and probably cry a lot). I haven’t been this eager for a film since The Avengers!

I have really mixed tastes.