­Almost three years after the release of his debut album, Every Kingdom, Ben Howard has returned to the music scene with 2 new songs and a release date for his greatly anticipated second album, I Forget Where We Were. The album, which is available to pre-order, is set to be released on the 20th October 2014 and contains 10 tracks along with a bonus track if you buy the vinyl edition. Fans have been eagerly awaiting new music from Howard, and showed their appreciation for the release of a new song by setting a worldwide trending topic on twitter. End of the Affair was released as a taster track earlier this month, and the title track I Forget Where We Were has been released as the first single from the album. Both have received airplay as Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record in the World.

 If you loved the melancholic sounds and nostalgic lyrics of Howard’s debut, then you won’t be disappointed with these new tracks. A near 8 minute long End of the Affair shares the same pensive and sorrowful sound as Burgh Island and Everything, where as the title track contains the electric riffs which were more prominent on his Burgh Island EP in comparison to the acoustic resonance of Every Kingdom.

Howard gave his fans a taster of his new material at Somersault and Bonneroo festivals in Devon and Tennessee, playing Small Things, Rivers in Your Mouth and Conrad, which are all taken from his new album.If you simply can’t wait to hear these new songs, the generous fans at these festivals have uploaded videos to YouTube so you can have a listen there. You can also listen to End of the Affair and I Forget Where We Were on Howard’s official YouTube channel – http://www.youtube.com/benhowardmusic and you can pre-order the album or vinyl (or both) at http://www.benhowardmusic.co.uk.

I Forget Where We Were Tracklist:

  1. Small Things
  2. Rivers In Your Mouth
  3. I Forget Where We Were
  4. In Dreams
  5. She Treats Me Well
  6. Time is Dancing
  7. Evergreen
  8. End of the Affair
  9. Conrad
  10. All is Now Harmed
  11. Am I in Your Light? (Exclusive to vinyl edition)