We all like to drink from time to time (some more, some less) especially since there are so many parties that you want to attend when you’re a student. There is nothing bad with this, although the downside is that you will most definitely run out of money pretty soon if you go out and about all the time. Although being a student is tough in terms of the financial aspect I don’t think that this should stop you to live your life as you wish. Therefore, I put up together some great cocktail recipes that are easy to make.  You’ll find the ingredients below:


MELON COCKTAIL (serves 6 people) – 500 g of melon, cut into pieces and juice from 2 limes; 100ml apple juice; 200-250ml cold white wine; cold lemonade, crushed ice

  1. Place the pieces of melon with lime juice and apple juice in a blender. Mix it until a homogeneous mixture is obtained and then add lime zest. Cover and leave in the refrigerator until serving.
  2. To serve, place the melon mixture into a large pitcher, pour the wine and lemonade in equal amounts. Mix well. Add one cup of crushed ice, as desired, then fill with Sprite melon.


GIN TONIC WITH WATERMELON (serves 8 people) – 2 large limes; 100g watermelon; 250ml gin, tonic

  1. Cut two large limes into 16 equal pieces. Squeeze 2 pieces in each of 8 glasses and then add the pulp. Divide 100g sliced ​​watermelon pieces into the 8 glasses and add a few ice cubes as well. Pour 2 tablespoons gin in each glass and fill with cold tonic water.


KIWI COLLINS (serves 10 people)- 5 kiwis; 100ml of sugar syrup; ice; 500ml vodka; 250g lemon juice; 2 litres of mineral water; kiwi slices for serving

  1. Peal 5 kiwis, and then crush them in a jug with 100ml sugar syrup. Add a handful of ice cubes; pour 500ml vodka and 250g lemon juice. Divide everything in 10 glasses and fill with soda, and then decorate with slices of kiwi.


Disclaimer: I don’t encourage you to drink, but if you do then at least make something really tasty, gather with your friends and ENJOY!