The Islamic State has carried out their third mass killing in as many days. The latest attack, again against one of the tribes in Iraq, included at least 50 Iraqis including women and children.

The attack, on Sunday, against the Al Bu Nimr tribe comes after the Islamic State militants killed another 50 members of the tribe late Friday, with 48 also being murdered on Thursday.

The killings were all committed in public against the Al Bu Nimr tribe, as they are Sunni and IS now apparently views them as a threat. This seems to be an odd reversal by Islamic State considering that some of the Sunni tribes in the region endorsed and even supported their advances. The reason for the support by these Sunni tribes appears to have been because of the Shia-majority Malaki government in Iraq.

Sunday’s attack took place in the village of Ras al-Maa, north of Ramadi, the provincial capital of Anbar. There, the militant group killed at least 40 of the men, six women and four children, lining them up and publicly killing them one by one.

This information comes according to Sheikh Naim al-Gaoud, a senior tribesman of the Al Bu Nimr. Sheikh Naim al-Gaoud has also reported that as many as 17 other people were kidnapped. The militants have overrun a large part of the Anbar province in its attempt to expand its territory across Iraq and Syria.

The potential reason for the attacks against these small groups and tribes by the Islamic State would seem to be because of statements made by the US and Iraqi government. The officials from both the Iraqi government and the US-led coalition has said repeatedly that the Iraqi tribes are key elements in the fight against the IS group; since they are able to penetrate areas inaccessible to airstrikes and ground forces.

However some of the Sunnis in Anbar are still supporting IS in their advances through their territory especially in December of last year when IS seized Fallujah and parts of Ramadi.

Since the start of Islamic State’s campaign to control more territory in Iraq, these tribes have been instrumental in slowing the advances. They have been taking up arms alongside the Iraqi security forces and have been defending their homes and land of their fathers.

This most recent atrocity comes on the heels of another horrific image published by Islamic State showing a young boy kicking around the severed head of one of the victims of these heinous attacks.