You’re a graduate! With a degree tucked in your belt, you now begin looking for your first job in your chosen career path. Obviously you know how difficult the job market is, unless you are blind and deaf and live under a rock. With less paid positions and lower salaries, 2014 is not the year of the Graduate.

But despite that, there are still great jobs everywhere. Here are a few tips to speed up your chances of finding employment!



This is essential advice. I often speak to friends who are complaining that they have sent off hundreds of CVs with no replies. This doesn’t mean they are unemployable – in fact, most are highly skilled and qualified. Their CVs just don’t properly advertise this, which can result in silence from employers.

This just means you could be approaching the job search in the wrong way- get someone to look over a copy of your CV and advise you on changes you could make, and before you know it you could be rolling in interviews. Kinda.


Apply x100

Send off as many applications as you can. Quite a few times I have applied for well over a hundred jobs before I finally lock one down. The sad truth is most companies receive so many applications they only look at yours very briefly – so it can take time, but try not to get disheartened! Power on and cast the net far and wide.


Get an online presence

This is essential. And I don’t mean if your future employer Googles your name, they discover a Facebook page filled with pictures of you downing shots and vomiting. Get Twitter and LinkedIn active – both showcase you to a wide range of employers and make it easier for companies to research you (so seriously, try to avoid vomiting pictures.)


Speak to everyone you know

You never know who will be able to help you get a job! Often lecturers, family members and friends can offer up loads of helpful information, from jobs they know that are going to actually working with them yourself. Ask everyone you know and its possible someone will be able to help you out.


Don’t just use job websites

I know they are the most popular way companies hire, and that it is the easiest and fastest way, but it isn’t the ONLY way. Set a day aside to print off lots of CVs, put on your smart outfit, and take some time to hand out CVs in person. Employers will appreciate the time and effort you have made, and are also more likely to remember you later. Win win.



I know the main (only) reason a lot of people work is for money. However, volunteering can be a great opportunity to learn hands on skills and get some experience. It also helps find up your unemployment time, keeping your CV fresh and current for future employers.


Create the perfect cover letter

I’m pretty sure my cover letter has always played a big part in me getting job interviews. Lots of employers won’t even look at applications without cover letters, which kinda makes sense when there are so many applications for them to look at. It shows you’re interested in the job and is a great way to introduce yourself.


And there you have it! You should be inundated with job offers within in the week. You know, because this list was so helpful. Ahem.