After months of spectulation and tons of meetings, McLaren have their line-up with the strongest and experienced drivers on the grid, Fernando Alonso  and Jenson Button. With the new Honda engine this could be the closest season yet, despite the current technological problems between the new engine and the car, however Hamilton still believes he has the best chance at another championship. We can never count out Rosberg or Riccardo for another championship either, so what can 2015 bring?

Sebastian Vettel is driving for Ferarri alongside Kimi Raikonnen, with an all new line-up, including the departure of the legendary Pat Fry from the team, I doubt their chances this season of putting in any really good points. I disliked Mattiachi, but I dislike the new changes even more. How can a car the likes of the Schumacher era be produced when they are putting rookies and people with little experience in charge of making these cars? Pat Fry has been in Formula 1 for years and I can’t help but feel Ferarri will regret letting him go.

Unfortunately, one team won’t make it to Formula 1 this year, Marussia, as their funding fell flat and their debts got too great for any funding to actually help this. And recently, we heard that Caterham are struggling to get the money to even test, without a buyer, they cannot race. So it looks like we will lose teams and bright new talents in the light of the high money demand in Formula 1.

Sauber have a fresh new line-up including Felipe Nasr, a GP2 driver despite being the Williams’ test driver for 2014. Marcus Ericsson also joins the line up, with Sauber failing to score a single point this year, they will need all the luck they can to have the chance at scoring points. Force India could have a very interesting year, however, with the same driver line-up and battling the Ferarri throughout the season, they deserve a really good season, a podium would be amazing.

Another team I hope do as well, is Williams. With such a rise to shine after a bad run, the team need another good season and deserve it too. We are most likely to see Mercedes do well, but I hope that Red Bull come back to win another Constructor’s Championship. Kvyat is Vettel’s replacement and I would like to see Riccardo and Kvyat compete on the same level as each other.

My main hopes for Formula 1 is that we see something new happen. I want McLaren to win a championship, for Button. I want to see Raikonnen get on a podium, but seriously doubt it with the Ferarri. I want Riccardo to win this year’s championship. All of these hopes for 2015 may have sounded weird a few years back, but this season taught me that anything is possible, and 2015 will probably be the best yet. Bring on the racing.