The future is something we can’t predict, but in gaming many have based the future being shattered. This would typically come in the form of zombies; un-earthed dead humans who rise up and kill the living. The only way to survive is to fight and many game developers have adapted this scenario and their video game, particularly a mobile game. Zombie Roadkill 3D pits you as a survivor on hell on earth as you try and endure the walking dead, but does have what it takes to be the zombie killer or should it be left buried never to rise.

The world is destroyed and zombies have taken over, humans are now facing extinction you are a survivor when your hometown becomes overrun by them. You have a vehicle fitted with a machine gun and a heavy weapon, you will be either shooting a wave of zombies or running them down. It’s a very basic storyline that is not very different from most zombie games out on the market, one can assume that with the ability of shooting and fixing that you are knowledgeable with weaponry and engineering but this is not indulged on in the story. The story progresses with each mission, the first mission sees you in your hometown and in your vehicle when a wave of zombies comes towards you, to defend you would have to shoot them. From here the story progresses to the next mission in which you start to drive with zombies on the road which you run them over while avoiding obstacles on the road in the form of wrecked vehicles.

Zombie Roadkill 3D takes two popular game types and puts them together, on one side it is a wave shooter where you aim and shoot with two different weapons, along with additional but limited grenades and mines which are obtained though spinning a wheel or buying. The other side it is an arcade driving game where you try to reach the destination after a certain time/distance driven. Using these two popular game styles and putting them together did make the game feel unique though it may seem repetitive the developers added various features to keep each mission different. In the shooting section different types of zombies can come, these will change the way you behave to them including the boss every 10 missions. In the driving section the environment changes with different obstacles as well as zombies that cling on to your vehicle in which you would have to “shove” them off using the obstacles. Pit this along with nigh mode that are on certain missions in which see you have night vision goggles adding for extra difficulty.

As you go along with each mission, you will be tasked certain objectives, these objectives can be simple such as “killing a certain number of zombies” or they can be difficult “get a number of headshots”, with the game having a accuracy feature it’s not very easy, completing these objectives awards a star with three being the maximum upon each mission. The stars are important as you cannot progress to the next set of missions (known as “level”) without obtaining a set number of stars. Each completion gains money; other ways to obtain are to kill zombies and to destroy crates, money can then be used to purchase new weapons/vehicles when they are unlocked, and to upgrade your machine gun, heavy weapon and vehicle. One feature is a spin function, you get one free spin each day however other way is to use accumulated money or what I really like is if you obtain three stars on a mission you will get a spin as well, which not only give and incentive to go for three stars but also a free way of getting a spin.

Visually the game is very appealing, environments have an apocalyptic feel with colours that are grainy, zombie’s flesh splatter when shooting or running them over, and overall the game is smooth to run. The vehicles are well designed along with the weapons that are placed above and with a simple HUD that is not too obtrusive, is all very pleasant. Controls are very easy, shooting segments require you to use touch and swipe around with the crosshair, you then shoot with the fire button. With regards to driving the choice of tilt or buttons is given; those who have played arcade drivers will feel comfortable. Along with all this is a very engaging soundtrack, it sets the mood each time you are playing.

Zombie Roadkill 3D is a very respectable game that is available for people who want a fun game. The miniscule storyline depth is something that can be avoided as this is game purely for enjoyment, although it can get repetitive over time with shooting and driving. It does its best to try and be different all the time with the different zombies, more difficult driving segments and night mode which do reduce the repetitiveness. The game is visually good for a mobile game with blood splatter always a welcome sight; the developers did try and keep it to a minimum so it’s not too demanding on the device played. With the fact that it comes with the choice of spending real money, but is not needed to enjoy and continue playing the developers have the right idea. The future is something that we can never really predict, but if zombies do rise it may have paid off to play this game.

Overall: 8/10

Reviewed on Android