YouTube is easily the biggest video-sharing network in the world. As a 90’s kid, YouTube was mainly used for watching brothers bite fingers or Panda Bears sneezing – but as the website continues to expand, there are thousands of ‘YouTubers’ who are becoming internet celebrities. Gaming-based channels and music videos still rule YouTube, remaining the most popular type of videos available online, however, beauty, fashion and lifestyle ‘gurus’ are beginning to make their mark on the world. By dominating social networks and creating weekly videos, online video bloggers are taking over. A few incredibly well known gurus include Bethany ‘Macbarbie07’ Mota, Zoe ‘Zoella’ Sugg and Michelle Phan, teaching their viewers how to apply make-up, what they buy in ‘hauls’ and vlogs showing their day-to-day life. Their online actions have inspired many others including Meredith ‘StilaBabe09’ Foster, Patricia Bright, Jenn Im, Claire Marshall and thousands more. There is even a ‘British Crew’ consisting of Zoella; Alfie ‘Pointless Blog’ Deyes; Tanya Burr; Jim Chapman; Louise ‘Sprinkle of Glitter’ Pentland and her husband, Matt and daughter, Darcy; Joe ‘Thatcher Joe’ Sugg; Caspar Lee; Marcus Butler; Niomi Smart and Jack and Finn Harries. Unbelievably there’s many more. So, how are these YouTubers taking over off-screen. Bethany Mota, who has over 7 million people subscribed to her channel, partnered with JCPenney and Forever 21, and, in December 2013, launched a clothing and accessories line at Aéropostale. Bethany has taken her passion for fashion from a computer screen to her fans by embarking on a “Motavatour” before being a judge on Project Runway and being a competitor on Dancing with the Stars this year. She is also set to release a perfume. Another YouTuber who has expanded her fashion and beauty career through the network is Zoe Sugg. Not only is the vlogger bringing out a book with Penguin Books as a two part deal, on September 25th 2014, Zoe launched her new line of beauty products names Zoella Beauty to be sold worldwide. Already this summer Zoe has been a guest panellist on the daytime show Loose Women and appeared on This Morning in July to talk about her struggle with social anxiety.

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Bethany Mota



Yet it’s not just these two vloggers that have made it big from their channel. Many channels with around a million subscribers are featured in fashion magazines and on blogs, some are given segments on television and invited to review fashion shows and events. There are YouTubers such as Dan ‘danisnotonfire’ Howell and Phil ‘AmazingPhill’ Lester who hosted their own radio show on BBC Radio 1; while fashionistas such as Eva ‘mylifeaseva’ Gutowski and Megan ‘maybabytumbler’ DeAngelis are featured in countless magazine spreads and collaboration videos. It appears many bloggers are now taking the YouTube route. It’s no secret that gaining subscribers and views does bring in some source of an income which could eventually lead up to £20,000 a month. A lot of fashion, beauty and even parent bloggers are drifting towards the Google-owned site to seek a larger audience. It seems the best way to getting fashion tips is no longer through high fashion magazines, it’s from the creative minds behind popular channels. Whether attending Summer in the City or VidCon, YouTubers have extremely fun-filled lives.