Not the most likeliest combination right? It’s plain and simple, most of the time teenagers and politics just doesn’t go.In the past 30 years, more young people are becoming less interested in politics and choose not to vote in elections. So is it time that changed? Is it time for young people to become  finally interested in politics in 2012?

Being interested in politics comes with a stigma, that you’re a bit of a nerd for being interested in boring stuff like that. Well in my opinion, I wish more young people were a lot more interested in politics. Whether you’re at the age to be able to vote or not, I think it is important that we as young people were a bit more clued up about politics and what party is running our country and how they’re running it.

Nevertheless, I continue to believe that the voting age should be lowered from 18 to 16. I think it’s massively important that young people in Britain nowadays should have a bigger say in how our country is being ran. Not all teenagers aren’t all disinterested, some actually are concerned about how what’s going on in politics. If young people don’t vote, it’s easy for politicians to ignore their views. When politicians ignore their views, young people become more despondent and say ‘why bother voting? It makes no difference’. And so the cycle continues. We need to break this cycle. If more young people vote, politicians will HAVE to take notice. Young people could become as important in an election as any other group in society. But this will only happen if young people go out and vote!

In the coming elections, I will be definitely casting my vote, especially the General Election in 2015. So many of us complain about how poorly our country is being ran, but yet those people who complain choose not to vote.

So what do YOU think? Do you think young people should become more interested in politics and should the voting age be lowered? Let me know your views!