How do you sleep at night?


This was a question that was put towards me in the week. I’m not a criminal mastermind, nor have i murdered anyone, or even done anything remotely evil. So this leaves you with a question in your head that i’m going to answer in good time. University is definitely one of the better experiences in life, well it was until the conservatives decided that students should be the ones to help out with the recession by charging them extra for their fees, ironic really considering we are going to be the main group contributing to the future economy but there you go, that’s life!

You are all living a lie!

You cannot deny this, every single person that is on this planet lives part of a lie. Whether it is hiding where you live, or hiding how you really earn your money, or even lying for social reasons. The latter is probably the biggest reason we lie. To ensure that a situation doesn’t get awkward, or to ensure that we don’t offend someone whereas if we say what we are actually thinking throughout the day we would offend people. I am probably one of the rudest, bluntest and definitely the most cocky person you will ever come across in your time on this planet, but i never change to suit the needs of other people.

University for some is a reason to change. University is a fresh start, as we can be whoever it is that we want to be. This is particularly true for anyone that moves away. The initial meeting, you want to make as much friends as you can, so you change to suit the needs of the people that you are living with. You try to fit in!. You don’t want to be the outcast that everyone speaks about, so therefore you be who everyone else wants you to be. This is the case with many people that i even know today.

This is the key reason the human race has survived so much. We adapt to survive, you adapt to change. People tend to blame themselves emotionally, when a person that is close to them changes. Particularly the likes of love interests, best friends or people that they had a close connection with. Truth of the matter is, its not your fault. I am going to use me as an example to test this out. We go back to primary school, and i had friends who were into football madly, like it was a necessity.  I was also into football. I went to secondary school and had friends that were kind of weird and quirky but smart. Being around these people, i improved mentally and was working harder, as you feel the need to be smart to be their friend. My grades shot up. I went to college and again was with particularly one person who loved sociology, ib competed with her and came out with a great A Level. Now i am at university and the company i have is mixed as i have my school friends, my college friends, my uni friends and just friends i play football and snooker with.

I must say though with the different group of friends you try not to act differently but you do. Its almost human nature, its like instinct. It does leave you thinking who you actually are?

I realised this last year and decided that i was going to be who i wanted to be, no matter who likes me or dislikes me and the people that dislike me have walked out of my life and the people that like me have stayed in my life. Its all down to you as an individual to be the person you should be, the person you know yourself to be.

Lies are a central part of our lives, we need them. In my opinion, a hard truth is much better than a soft lie. Any lie in my experience comes back to bite you, so why would you want to be anyone else?

University is just one of many places that can change a person but truth is i can tell who you are from the company that you keep!!

Lets not even get started on Facebook and Twitter being tools for deception as this would turn into an essay!

You are what you eat? I don’t think so!! You are who you know!

Oi Oi!!