Although winter hasn’t started yet, this season’s temperature is beginning to drop and autumn is the greatest time of year to grab the best of the snug jackets. High street stores all over the world are all stocked up full of the widest variety of looks. If you struggle with winter, there are a few factors that need to be considered before investing a new coat. For example, is the hem long enough? Midi skirts still continue to be incredibly fashionable, it’s no longer all about the mini skirt. The same trend applies to coats, the length of some styles is much longer than most are used to, including legendary floor length, fleece-lined winter cover-ups. It’s also great to remember faux is your friend. Paying £300 for a leather jacket isn’t likely in high-street stores, but those kinds of prices are ridiculous when you can buy a similar product of the same design and quality in Next for £40.

Quality and durability are the most important aspects when shopping for winter coats this season. I have a winter coat that I bought from Topshop when I was twelve years old and it’s still one of my favourite coats today – that was six years ago. Buying a coat that’s going to last a long time is essential in today’s society. Fashion trends constantly return and come back around every so often. When shopping, especially in stores that mass product clothing, look for loose threads and uneven ends which could prove to be impractical in the future. Also compare two coats that are the same size – sometimes they’re not. There are shops that are generous in clothing sizes such as Marks and Spencer, which sells clothing that’s a little larger than stated. In contrast, popular store Urban Outfitters often has clothing that’s a size smaller than stated. When browsing for a coat for the chillier season, look for versatile colours, or colours and fabrics that can be worn with multiple outfits. There’s nothing wrong with being a (Lizzie McGuire) outfit repeater during winter. Buying a bright yellow coat (other than the classic raincoat) isn’t exactly practical with a yellow, orange or green dress and they’re not winter colours. Taking your time whilst shopping for a good seasonal coat is essential so it’s useful for years to come!