White Lung are bringing the pop punk rock that seemed to have vanished with the 00’s.  Most punk based bands of today pull from the 90’s garage noise rock scene, here’s something for the later generation to get behind. Short and snappy bursts of punk style adrenaline ready to hit you in the face, taking you back to the days of The Distillers and Garbage. Overkill may have been the monster to take the genre out of the limelight, but underground, people are still angry. They’re always angry.

Deep Fantasy is virtually everything you could want and need out of a modern punk pop album. Each song is packed full of energy, not a single soppy ballad among them, that’s more of a Green Day thing these days. It’s loud, and lean, no track reaching the three minute mark, over before you can get to attached to their sound. A sound which is perhaps a little too polished for the style they’re going for. There is no harsh feedback, no moments of sudden spontaneous creativity, it just sticks to the path set by track one. A controlled fury. Is that un-punk or very punk? I’m not entirely sure how it’s determined anymore.

Despite the repetitive short lived nature of Deep Fantasy, it still provides refreshment in the current music climate. Few bands are playing their anger out this way, even Brody Dalle has softened up somewhat with her solo debut, and so White Lung are here to remind you what it was like to be 14 in the noughties. Without the ties and black lipstick, or is that still a thing?

White Lung - Deep Fantasy
6Overall Score