Miami Beach has a lot going for it as both somewhere to live and a vacation destination. Sun, sea, and beaches stretch almost the entire length of the island it occupies in Biscayne Bay. It’s an environment that just encourages you to forget about burgers and fries and follow healthier eating habits.

Because of its location, you might think that one of the main things on the menus of Miami Beach restaurants is seafood, and you wouldn’t be wrong. If you’re of a mind to save the shrimps from the grill, let the lobsters keep their claws, and leave the oysters in their shells, you’ll be pleased to know you can get some amazing vegetarian and vegan food in Miami Beach.

The great thing about vegetarian and vegan food in Miami Beach is that it’s not limited to a falafel wrap sold from a street kiosk. Vegetarian and vegan food is totally on-trend in this upmarket Florida city, and there are restaurants in Miami Beach that specialize in nothing else, so get ready for some exceptional culinary treats once you drop off your unneeded bags at a Miami Beach luggage storage.

Full Bloom Vegan

Full Bloom Vegan is a restaurant that can justifiably lay claim to being not just one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Miami Beach but the first to serve only vegan food. Everything they serve on their lunch and dinner menus is one hundred percent vegan, so you don’t have to think twice about anything you’re ordering.

Full Bloom Vegan really has taken the preparation, cooking, and presentation of vegan food in Miami Beach up a notch or two. Go to eat here, and you’ll be wowed by what you get. It’s creative vegan cookery at its very best.

At Full Bloom Vegan, they serve colorful and very tasty appetizers like smoked jackfruit pate with patacones and carrot lox on a bed of avocado and ciabatta toast sprinkled with mustard caviar. Entrees are equally exciting, so don’t miss trying their braised tofu and ground pok stew with bok choy. Totally delicious. In fact, so much so that you’ll probably go back the next day for some more.


1670 James Avenue

Plant Theory

Plant Theory is a vegan restaurant in the Lincoln Eatery that dishes up some seriously wholesome food. At Plant Theory, they focus on producing nutrient-rich plant-based meals as well as raw entrees.

It’s not a huge place by any means and occupies one of the food hall’s kiosk-style kitchens, which has a terrace for a dozen or so tables they share with other similar, though not vegan, restaurants.

At Plant Theory, you’ll be able to crunch your way through a raw lasagna or a beet or jackfruit burger with all the trimmings and vegan sauces you could hope for. When you’re done with either of those, hopefully, you’ll have enough room left for a slice of vegan cheesecake. It’s definitely worth skipping the sweet potato fries for.


 723 North Lincoln Lane

Planta – South Beach

Planta South Beach is part of the Planta vegan restaurant chain, which guarantees that no animal products ever enter their kitchens. They’ve been serving vegan food since 2016 and know exactly what their customers hanker after, as the restaurant chain creators are vegan themselves.

Planta occupies what is probably the largest premises in Miami Beach dedicated to vegan food, and it’s a premise that’s as fresh-looking as their food. Eating on the glass-walled and plant-filled patio here is an absolute pleasure.

At Planta, they serve an all-day menu that’s packed with delicious goodies. If you want to go light, try the seared mushroom nigiri or the lettuce wraps. For something more substantial, the campanelle pasta or the eggplant rollatini comes highly recommended.

Here you can also nibble on plates of snacks and share sides or a superb variety of raw dishes. At weekends, spoil yourself with a vegan bottomless brunch that’s served with endless mimosas.


850 Commerce Street

SoBe Vegan

If raw is your preferred bite, then you’ll love SoBe Vegan where they specialize in salad bowls. That might not sound so exciting, but the salad bowls at SoBe vegan are not of the ordinary kind; they’re incredible. They pack so much into them, eat one, and you won’t be hungry for the rest of the day.

SoBe Vegan concentrate on making their food as tasty as possible and using only high-quality, super-fresh ingredients for all the dishes they serve. The one thing you won’t be short of at SoBe is choice, as they have a really extensive menu.

At SoBe’s, you can dig into all-day breakfasts, power bowls, salads, tacos, sandwiches, a wide variety of vegan hot dogs and burgers, as well as fries with vegan dips. If you have a sweet tooth, though, you might need to look for an alternative place to finish your meal unless you decide to substitute dessert with a smoothie.


110 Washington Avenue

Jungle Vibes

Jungle Vibes is one of the best places to drop by when you need a quick meat-free pick-me-up. At Jungle Vibe, they prepare an amazing selection of fresh pressed juices and those fantastic metabolism boosters, ginger shots.

The vegetarian and vegan food is simple but a wholesome mix of wraps, salads, and sandwiches, so it’s great if you want to pick up takeout for the beach or a picnic in the park. If you feel in need of liquid solace, then you’ll love their hot and cold soup selection. It’s one way of drinking your salads instead of chewing them.


1255 West Avenue


In truth, Miami Beach is one place in Florida where you don’t need to worry about finding vegetarian food. What you find will be really top quality, too, so there’s no excuse for not continuing, or even starting, your healthy eating habits here.