April fools is meant to be a time of practical jokes, laughter and general fun but sometimes things go a bit too far.

April Fools day is a day like no other. Newspapers devise nasty tricks to play with your mind and the staff at any office see fit to devise some pretty horrendous jokes to play on their colleagues. We’ve managed to find the top April Fool’s jokes that have ended is some fairly horrific ways.

The Bomb

Last year a man in Newark planted a bomb in his mates car for April Fool’s day that was designed to explode when he started his car.

Funny right?

No is the answer. The worst bit about this god awful practical joke, is that his friend actually ended up dead. His excuse: “It was just a joke, how was I supposed to know that he would actually start his car? I mean, it’s Friday! He wasn’t supposed to die!”

Still, it’s difficult to say who is always on the losing end of a hearty, old April Fools joke when you hear about stuff like this:

The Legal Case

A manager at Hooters in Florida told his employees they would be winning a “Toyota” if they sold the most beer. The winning waitress was blindfolded and led to a car park. She was then presented with a “toy Yoda.” April Fools!! How hilariously funny! Unfortunately, the female employee did not think so. She took the case to court, accusing them of breach of contract and fraudulent misrepresentation. The amount she receieved from the case wasn’t revealed but her lawyer is claimed to have said she could now “pick out whatever type of Toyota she wants.” Jokes on you Hooters.

The Revenge

The master of all April Fools jokes gone wrong however has to be the very sorry couple simply after a pair of Kanye West tickets. The wife in this lively duo called into a radio station in order  to “play a prank” on her husband and if it all went well she would win the two tickets for Kanye West. To cut a long story short she had to tell her own husband that he wasn’t the father of their child. How funny! What a great April fools day joke right? Things obviously got fairly ugly live on air, but things took a little turn for the worst when her husband told her if she wanted to be honest, he would also be honest and admitted that he had been shagging her sister for the past year. I’m not sure if they got their Kanye West tickets but I imagine he probably got some divorce papers sent to wherever he saw fit to hide in shame.

The Monster

Legend has it that Loch Ness is home to a large “monster”, better known to most as Nessie. On 1 April 1972, the headlines read that Nessie had been found. Yorkshire’s Flamingo Park Zoo, who had been searching for Nessie’s existence found the floating body in the water and placed it into their van to take it back to the zoo. The police soon began chasing them, citing a 1933 act of Parliament prohibiting the removal of “unidentified creatures” from Loch Ness — yes, the Scottish do have a law banning the removal of Nessie. However, this was not Nessie. It was a bull elephant seal from the South Atlantic. The education officer at the Flamingo park soon piped up and confessed to stealing the seal from Dudley zoo after it had died, shaving its whiskers off, padding its cheeks with stones and keeping it frozen for a week before he dumped it in the lake as a practical joke on his colleagues. Where the fuck did he store a ton and a half seal for a week is my question.

The Idiots

Newspapers are no stranger to a good old fashioned April fools joke; hitting their readers with adverts aimed at fooling the general public. Burger King joined the foolery crew when they took a full page advertisement is USA today claiming they had just introduced the new “left-hand wopper”. This was the same as your normal wopper but all condiments had been rotated 180 degrees for the 32 million left-handed Americans. Obviously they imagined people would know this was a prank, alas the Americans never fail to surprise, and had thousands of customers asking for left-handed burgers. The worst part is that customers then started requesting their own “right handed version.”

Since my efforts in 2012, I have stayed well clear of April fools…

I started Uni in September 2009, and I don’t think I’ve even seen my Mum so proud of me. So, when it came to April 1st 2010, for some reason I felt it would be humourous to play on this pride.

I sent her a text saying how I was finding it really hard and that I had filled out all of the paper work to request the termination of my time there. Well, I had attempted to send a text ten minutes later reassuring her it was a joke, but for some reason the message had not sent!

So I went about my day as usual, wondering why I had had no reply from my Mum. It wasn’t until I rang home later that day to have my sobbing Mother answer the phone that I realised the text saying it was a joke had not sent! Damn your Orange!

I spent about 6 weeks trying to recover my Mum’s pride, and have never tried my hand at pranking since.