I remember watching Jessica Ennis run and jump her way to Olympic victory in 2012 and I also remember reading my twitter timeline which was just full of comments like “Look at her abs!!” or “how do you get a body like that?” and the answer is, dedication and commitment.

Ever since London 2012 the toned sporty figure seems to be the envy of every young man and woman on social media. With a raise in supplement intakes and more gym memberships being bought, it’s definitely clear that strong is the new skinny. In my opinion I think this is a great image for young people to look up to; it’s all about health and well being compared to when girls used to starve themselves in order to look like their favourite super model. All body shapes are different and some people will just never achieve that extreme skinny frame, so having fitness inspiration otherwise known, as ‘fitspiration’ is definitely a positive step for body image and the way people think of their body in general.

But what is the best way to get fit? I guess there is no set answer as everyone is different and it depends on what suits you. It takes time; patience and a whole lot of effort to get those really define abs of Jessica Ennis and toned pins like Beyoncé. The first place to start would be in the kitchen; about 80% of a sportsman’s body is made in the kitchen. Eating healthy is the key and I’m not saying deprive yourself of all junk food, just eat it in moderation. It’s getting yourself into a routine, your body is a creature of habit and the more you eat healthy meals the more it become automatic and not an effort. Every fitness professional’s diet contains of high protein foods such as lean meats, nuts and low fat dairy products, other foods will include fruit, vegetables and whole grains with the occasional cheat meal now and again. The easiest way to follow a good diet is by simply not buying bad foods that will tempt you. Go by the motto “see no evil, eat no evil” if you don’t have it in your fridge then you’re not going to eat it. Simple.

Exercise. If you want that defined sculpted shape then there is no way getting away without exercising. Most people just assume that exercising has to be hours of running on the treadmill or constant repetitions of crunches… wrong! There are so many ways to make getting active fun! I have done sport all my life and I would say that it’s the best and most fun way to get in shape! It could be anything from a team sport like netball or an individual sport like gymnastics these are both ways that raise your heart rate and burn unwanted fat. Another way is simply going out a morning run, this is not only good for your body but also your mind, its proven that a simple jog can distress and help clear your mind. Going to fitness classes with your friends is always a great laugh and a home workout DVD is easy to follow! Hitting the gym is also an option; it gives you lots of opportunities to focus on certain parts of your body with all the equipment available.

Getting fit isn’t easy and it will not happen over night, but it is definitely worth it at the end. No matter what your lifestyle or how busy your schedule is there is ALWAYS time for a quick workout and following a healthy diet will only ever benefit your daily routine and general health.