I don’t believe it’s too extreme to compare a drug addiction with a Social Media addiction. Now obviously Facebook can’t damage your insides, but can affect your health. Social-Networking is an undeniably unhealthy addiction. It promotes paranoia and consumes precious time. It seems to be the core interaction with one another.
Facebook seems to be a way of life. Going a day without Facebook or Twitter would be like asking someone to not eat or drink for the day. ARE YOU CRAZY?

Facebook and Twitter makes us lazy. I feel like I know my friends back home are fine and doing well, just because they’ve typed a smiley on their screen, or added a ‘haha’ to their comments. I subconsciously feel like I’ve checked in with them, just because I’ve gone on their profile. Yet in fact I don’t know at all do i? In a sense, we are actually losing the ability to make friends. Whether that is because they make stupid spelling mistakes on Twitter or because we tend not to speak to people as much as we can “just check their profile” to see what is going on in their life.

What has Zuckerberg created? So many articles seem to blame him, yet that’s all we want. To pass the blame. It’s our own control how much we display, how much we use and talk over these Social Network sites. Yes some people seem to upload their day to day brushing their teeth antics, which is on par with “I am getting ready to go out and get totally drunk tonight”, then write hating status’ about others who are doing the EXACT same. And it’s stuff like that, that makes me really hate Facebook and Twitter. Although a lot of people write subtle yet totally not subtle status’ about how angry they are at you, not everyone does this. Not everything should be so literal. We don’t all write about our personal lives, and our immediate reactions to life itself. I got asked the other day if I was annoyed at them because of something I put over Twitter. For ages I couldn’t quite believe that something I typed in a matter of seconds, as a joke, made someone feel like that. For anyone who asks these kind of questions, either get over yourself, or stop worrying. If they really have written something about you in a subtle but not subtle, enough to know what they are doing kind of way, they aren’t worth it. Facebook promotes a childish attitude and behaviour, and if you are naive enough to endure this, or let it affect you, then you’ve just got yourselves to blame.

P.s. Yes this is about you. No really. This whole post is me just being subtly yet not so subtly hypocritical.
Believe what you like.