Welcome to “What are we watching?”. A brand spanking new monthly feature on the films that are currently occupying our TV’s. There will be a selection of new and old films, but one thing is for sure, you should definitely watch them all!


Wimbledon – 2004

Wimbledon is upon us again, which puts us in the mood for this lighthearted tennis themed chick flick.

Limitless – 2011

A magical pill which increases your brain function? Sounds great right!? Wrong. Limitless is a great original film which doesn’t end how you would expect it to.

Premium Rush – 2012

A film about a New York City bike messenger? Doesn’t sound very interesting does it. This film follows Wilee over a day. He has to deliver something which isn’t quite what it seems. Check out our review.

Despicable Me 2010

Funny and entertaining for all ages. Worth a re-watch  before Despicable Me 2 comes out this summer!

Iron Man 1 / 2 – 2008 / 2010

With Iron Man 3 out on DVD / Blu-Ray soon maybe it is time to watch the first two films from the trilogy again. One of the best Marvel movie franchises to date (Minus Avengers obviously).