Goodbye holiday romances, a la every single rom-com movie and hello sleepless nights, endless stress and anxiety. When supermarkets start advertising ‘Back To School’ items you know summer is ending soon and the student life is back. So in order to keep up with the trends and not to look like you’ve rolled out of bed, here are some wardrobe staples that every girl needs that won’t break the bank and will make you look super stylish.

Yes the weather is gloomy and dull but A/W collections will always be my favourite. As you can rock a pair of jeans (skinny or boyfriend, whatever you feel more comfortable in), biker boots and finally style it up with a coat that is simple yet so on trend.

Another wardrobe staple…blazers. Any shape, colour, style will do as they are chic, classy and iconic. You can go from day to night in a blazer without looking over dressed and look like you’re trying too hard. Also, as they add a pop of colour to any outfit a statement necklace is a must.

You will have seen many celebs sporting trousers at some point, as they are subtle yet effective. Patterned, plain or printed whatever floats your style boat every girl needs to own at least one pair. Like myself if you don’t wear heels, then pair them with suade/tan/black brogues and you will ooze sophistication. They are available at every high street store so make sure you purchase them as they can also be perfect holiday outfit too. Ranging from £10 to £35/£40, regardless of your budget they is something for everyone.

So ladies, stick with these basics and you will be the belle of the ball or lecture for that matter and remember baby, it will be cold outside.