The PS4 is a hell of a console but it isn’t without some requested features. The recent big Update 2.0 managed to address some requests such as the long awaited “Shareplay” feature but there are still many features that fans are crying out for. And who can blame them? ¬†They love their console and only want the features to make it an even better experience.

Here’s a quick rundown on features which I thought the PS4 was lacking:



Let us copy songs to our harddrive? We’ve just been given the ability to play our own music on our PS4’s through Update 2.0 but only when we plug in a USB stick. It’s a simple request. Sony say they are looking into it be who knows how long it might take to see it surface.



Another similar request to allow us to copy pictures and videos to our harddrives and play them. Currently, there is no option to do this. Even with a USB stick. So this would be a nice feature considering most new technology devices can already manage this without thought.


This was a featured touted at the Playstation reveal as a game changer allowing us to pause our game and send our console into a low power state and immediately pick up where we left off next playthrough. Sony inssist is hasn’t been cancelled and are still working on it but it’s unknown exactly when it will hit.



Another simple feature that would be very handy for people with no internet connects or connects that aren’t very stable. The PS3 could do this at one point so why can’t the PS4?



Allow us to change our Playstation Network names. “Killerboi2k12” might have seemed good at the time but we need an ability to be able to change our names whenever we want. Steam conveniently does this yet the Playstation brand seems to have a problem with it. Even if we have to pay a small fee, I’m sure people would be willing if they regret their ID with a passion.


Have you got any suggestions on how the PS4 could be improved? Please share them in the comments below.