So its 2014 and soon over the coming months we’ll be getting all the yes and no’s from what shows are going to sink or swim. Yep the start of the new year ushers in the season of cancellations. So I’ve made a list of shows you should maybe get into which I think stand a pretty good chance of getting another season.



This new show features the DC comic book hero Green Arrow as a hooded crusader of justice. Now into it’s second season the show just ramps up more and more. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be into your comic book heroes to enjoy this one as it has so much packed into it that theirs something for everyone! It’s a must watch and I’m sure it’ll be getting a third season.






Community -- Season 5

Back onto season 5 just two weeks ago now with the original creator, Dan Harmon, back at the reins as well but will this show survive? It’s been in and out of the limbo that is cancellation from NBC but can it survive again? Well with the original creator back (after the god damn hit and miss season 4) it possibly can make it to season 6 as the show from the start of 5 went back to it’s strengths however with big changes in the show such as Chevy Chase leaving in 4 and Donald Glover leaving mid way through 5 it’s unsure. Fingers crossed as this is my top comedy at the moment. If you haven’t watched the show then do it as its sheer genius and filled with pop culture and hilarious gags.

American Horror Story










Actually this American Horror Story has already been renewed, literally a day before I wrote this but I thought give it a mention anyway. Every season features different characters (often played by the old cast but in new role etc.) It plays out as an anthology the first being Murder House followed by Asylum and now Coven. So far season 3 (Coven) has been superb with it’s gruesome story of witches but can it keep going. Well season 4 has been confirmed calling it Circus.

Brooklyn Nine Nine


The Andy Samberg fronted comedy cop show didn’t even take me by surprise. As soon as I heard about it and how Andy was in it I guaranteed it being a must watch for me. The show is another brilliant comedy of this season in TV and I’m positive it’ll be around for a while. The show focuses on a precinct in Brooklyn and what hilarious goings on the cops get up to. I mean heck it features the always funny Andy Samberg and the laugh out load Terry Crews!



Jack Bauer is back! Already announced last year after the 24 movie just couldn’t take off so lets revert back to the TV series. Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) returns in April for 12 episodes this time (wonder how that’ll work out) of the action packed 24. We’ll see if this is just a one off or perhaps a re-launch of the brilliant series.

The Crazy Ones


Robbin Williams has a TV show and of course it’s a comedy! Also featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar so pretty much nearing perfect for me! Robbin Williams owns a advertisement company with daughter Sarah Michelle Gellar. The show revolves around what the two and their team get up to. Enter in Robbin Williams hilarious impressions of anything you can think of and some other extremely funny characters and interactions and you have a seriously great comedy. So far the ratings haven’t been brilliant but I’m holding out it’ll survive for another season.