When an advert promises to make you cry, your first thoughts may be something along the lines of “No way” or “Yeah, ok, it is only an advert.” But this advert will rapidly change your opinion!

Metlife Hong Kong have created an advert that will truly pull on anyone’s heartstrings when watching. Aimed at advertising life insurance, the 3 minute advert titled ‘My Father lies what about yours?’ follows a young girl’s relationship with her father. One in her imagination and the other in reality.

With many people online naming the life insurance advert as the best (so far) of 2015, this advert will  mostly likely effect individuals who are able to draw parallels between the relationship they share with their own parents and the relationship the young girl shares with her father.

The advert, which made me begin to weep one minute in, is effortlessly touching as the young girl begins to list all the things she loves about her father, “…the smartest, the most clever… he is my Superman”, yet one minute into the advert the mood changes. “But, he lies” the little girl says as she begins to reveal the reality of her father. The fact he lies about having a job and the fact he lies about having money in order to give her everything.

The sad fact about this advert is that there are many parents who love their children and pretend to be financially stable or happy in order for their children to be happy. This advert truly represents many parents who continue to work hard and do everything they can for their children.

The powerful message behind this advert may mean certain things to different people but I believe its message is to never take your parents for granted. Considering this is an advert for life insurance, it may also encourage people to work hard so that they can spend time with their children.

Either way, this advert delivers what it promises and that is to make people cry.