As an eager first year, I have experienced so many new things since heading to University last September. Such as the feeling of regret after vomiting in my own lap the night before, discovering what actually happens when leaving metal in a microwave (warning: nothing positive can come from this) or even the complete embarrassment from walking into a 9am seminar the ‘morning after’ and still smelling of alcohol and regret from the night before. However, one thing that overrides all these new experiences and has been the toughest to come to terms with is the internationally known university problem of waking up. I would say waking up in the morning, but we all know thats not true.

Now let me just get something straight before sharing my undoubtedly valuable tips, I’m not just your average 7-9 hour a night sleeper, I sleep A LOT. It is both something I am deeply ashamed with and secretly quite proud of. I’m talking sleeping periods that push the 24 hour day mark. I have once been described as a valium pill with a face by friends that know of me and my sleeping patterns. Hence, as a topic that I know excessive amounts about, I have decided to share my help with the student world and hopefully provide more than your run of a mill alarm clock.

  1. Putting your alarm clock in your bathroom.

The first tip I can give may seem like a simple one, but its effects are unquestionable. For some, the hardest part about getting out of bed is actually getting out of bed. For me, having my alarm clock next to my bed is pretty much useless as I just turn it off and go back to sleep. By putting my alarm clock in my bathroom, I cant just stay in bed and turn it off, it forces me to leave my, without a doubt, favourite place in the world and get in the shower. For those students out there who don’t have an en-suite, putting it on the other side of the room is just as effective.

2) Have a reason to get out of bed.

My days off at Uni are literally spent entirely in bed and watching numerous hours on Netflix. When I don’t have a reason to wake up, whats the point. Id much prefer to dream of 8 girls and me in a hot tub then facing reality of doing something with my day. So, my next tip is to do something as soon as you wake up, whether that be doing some squats and getting the blood flowing, or even just having a glass of water. Getting the brain working will get you out of bed.

3) Masturbation.

I know, give me a chance. Although this 3rd and final tip might seem a little ‘out there’ to some people, the effects are proven. Masturbation as a wake up technique is useful. After all, when you masturbate it boosts your bodies feel-good chemicals like dopamine and endorphins. Therefore, starting your day in a happy and relaxed mood will set the course for the rest of a great day. Plus, we all know that morning sex is the best sex, so what can hurt by doing it alone. Not to mention, there are positive health affects that come with masturbation, for women in particular. According to a public health scientist, Anthony Santella, masturbating can help prevent cervical and urinary tract infections. So, my 3rd tip tells you to take a load of (pun intended) and enjoy waking up in the morning.

So there you go happy campers, 3 tips that have helped me get out of bed in the morning.