I’m currently staring at a dusty, slightly crumpled box stashed in the corner. It’s my Vita. It’s there whenever I need it. It has signs of wear, the rubber on the charge cable is disintegrating. There’s the odd dint mark on the device where I’ve unfortunately dropped it on the odd occasion. It’s fair to say I’ve had a certain amount of use out of it. But I’ve hardly played anything on it. I’ve used it almost solely for using the internet browser, social networking apps and music. And when you use a games console for anything but gaming as your main reason for picking it up, that’s quite worrying.

I’ve now completely moved on from using it the moment I got a mobile phone. Yes I haven’t had a phone for years, weird I know. But phones these days are more than just phones. They are a computer in your pocket. Google Chrome is undeniably superior to Vita’s browser which is about as slow as a Stannah stair lift. It also charges quicker than my Vita too which is extremely handy. There’s so many apps I’m overwhelmed and the camera is everything you need to be satisfied.

The amount of times I’ve seen comments on forums claiming the “Vita is dead” and I haven’t took any notice of them. But now I feel that exclaim is justified. Truthfully I haven’t picked up my Vita in months. The only games that seem to be lined up for it are either small indie titles, which are usually available on PS3/PS4 or ports of PC or Apple titles. That or HD Remasters of PS2 Classics. The Vita hasn’t really anything exclusive to it that would really entice someone. Tearaway was a good exclusive but now it’s also being ported to PS4 and given extra content. I bought the original Vita at launch with the exciting prospect of playing the Metal Gear Collection and some Exclusive titles I presumed would be in the works. What with all the developers giving high praise to the platform at the time. But no proper support seems to have dried up. And no wonder. I got my use out of the MGS HD Collection but it will never live up to the full home console version, although it does look very pretty on the Vita’s OLED screen. There’s so many handheld devices on the market it’s almost pointless to even compete any more.  People aren’t interested in playing console quality graphics in the palm of their hands, they just want to play that at home on their big screen. Perhaps there’s still a level of embarrassment that comes with being seen playing on a games console. Especially in public. It seems to be common practice to play ‘Candy Crush’ on a Phone but it’s nerdy to be seen playing ‘Papers, Please’ on a PSP.

Even Sony themselves seem to be admitting defeat with the Vita. Now in favour of the PS4, they seem to have shifted focus completely.

First Party Developers seem to have completely shut the Vita out in the cold ever since the PS4 arrived on the scene.

“It’s very fortunate that the indie boom happened and they are providing lots of great content to Vita. I think [indies are] actually the biggest star to help provide great content to Vita going forward.” Said Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida. They also said Remote Play will be a big player in keeping Vita afloat.

I’m sorry but to me that sounds to like they’ve given up spending money on Vita development.

Vita is probably one of the best places to play if you want classic titles on the go, with a large range of PS1 titles and remasters. But in terms of first party exclusives, it seems to have been abandoned. The Vita isn’t dead if you count the third party life support but it isn’t why I invested. I don’t think I would have in fact if I knew it was going to be only small titles being developed for it’s future. Games that can be found anywhere else and usually cheaper and more convenient. The PS+ offerings are nice, but I’ve never had a real urge to download something and play it. But that’s the risk you’re taking buying new hardware. The gaming market is forever changing and you never know what’s around the corner. £235 pound I paid for mine(including the memory card) I still have the receipt from ASDA. It’s little surprise the price has been drastically dropped since launch. I mean, who’s going to pay big squids for a small handheld console when you can buy it’s big daddy, the PS4?  And that’s what Sony seem to want you to think too.