A lot of people would like a career in social media but don’t have the experience to get a job. If you are one of these people internships could be the key. An internship offers an invaluable opportunity to get to know an industry. It can both provide an ideal opportunity for a confused graduate to gain a better understanding of how social media marketing works and how companies are using to make themselves stand out in a busy market place.
Lots of social media marketing agencies would jump at the chance to take on a self-motivated graduate for some work experience. These are generally small start-up businesses looking for ways to grow with less risk. They can use the opportunity to work out whether you can do the job full time. It gives you the chance to get some on the job experience, removing any downtime on your CV.
Though internships aren’t to everyone’s taste, but they are a viable option for people looking for experience. If you do take on a voluntary role at a social media agency making the most of the opportunity is key. Here are some tips on how to make the most of an internship:

  • Before you start read up on the company and the industry. Once at the company take every chance to show that you are up to date
  • If a project starts that seems interesting volunteer for it. Let people know you’re ready to show your initiative. Keep a portfolio of the projects you’ve worked on. It’ll come in useful for future interviews.
  • Why are you doing the internships and what do you want out of it? Think about these questions before you start. Start with a goal in mind and aim toward it.
  • One area that is key is professionalism. Often interns can appear half hearted. Make sure you leave a good impression on your prospective employer. You’ll at least get a good reference out of it.
  • If you find something you don’t understand quiz those that you work with. Showing a willingness to learn is an essential element of any internship.

Remember internships are voluntary positions. If you’re asked to take sole responsibility for any part of their business contact your internship agency. You are there to get work experience. Taking on projects is for people that get paid!

Patrick is blogging for internships agency inspiring interns. They’ve helped over 1000 graduate link up with companies to gain valuable on the job experience leading to full time employment.