After an extensive research period I have devised a list of the world’s top bands and provided the best song by each band. In my opinion, a band is a group of musicians who cover everything: guitar, drums, bass and singing! If they fail to do so, they’re just a singing group.

So, just making the cut at number 10 are… Scouting For Girls. These boys seemed to disappear for a couple of years but recently made a low profile comeback with the track Millionaire, which is my favourite from these boys.

At number 9, I’ve placed the McFly boys. They deserve a place on this chart for being my favourite boy band for a lengthy number of years. Unfortunately, they no longer hold the spot in my heart they once did, but Party Girl was the best song by them back in the day.

Train take the number 8 spot. They’ve been on my list of bands to see before I die (or before they do…) for years now so I’ve got to make it happen soon, and as long as they play Drops Of Jupiter I’ll be happy!

In at number 7 is a band I believe are always changing their sound, producing unique pieces, Cold Play. These guys have made some beautiful and emotional tracks, my favourite being the recently released Magic.

Number 6 is a band I believe require a certain mood to enjoy, Snow Patrol. These are the perfect guys to accompany you through emotional times, especially  the track You Could Be Happy.

At the half way point, number 5, we have 5 Seconds Of Summer. I would have placed these guys higher as I’m really into their stuff, but as they’re relatively new on the scene they’ve got to continue to prove themselves. Another lovey-dovey song is my favourite from these guys- Amnesia.

Gym Class Heroes are standing strong in the number 4 position. Unfortunately they haven’t released anything new for a few years but they’re best song is, of course, Clothes Off.

Number 3 sees the American band Maroon 5. Every single song of theirs is class so choosing a favourite is a challenge. However, challenge accepted! I’ve gone with Daylight.maroon5-maps

Only just missing out on the top spot at number 2 are The Script. Just like McFly, a band I’ve loved since I was young but one that I’m still passionate about. My favourite song from these Irish fellas is If You Ever Come Back.script3

And finally, the number one spot, it wasn’t an easy decision, these guys have had tough competition, but as soon as I heard their stuff being played as a BBC Radio 1 introducing group I fell in love with them… Catfish And The Bottlemen. They’re best track is Cocoon, don’t think I’ll ever get bored of that one!

So, there you have it! Unofficially, the world’s top 10 bands. In this case, the list is unofficial as it’s based solely on my personal opinion. However, I think that’s a pretty accurate form of data to depend on!