It’s that time of year again where going out 7 nights a week is acceptable, Freshers’ week! Copious amounts of alcohol,  drunken shenanigans and  horrendous hangovers are all the norm for the first week of term.

We have put together a list of all our articles to help you through what should be one of the best weeks of your life.


Before you leave:

Things to do before you go back to University

Student Life 101

Meeting your flatmates 101

How Not To Panic

5 Things I Wish I Mastered Pre-Uni


During Freshers’ Week:

A Guide To Freshers

Saving Time and Looking Fresh for Freshers

Tee Totallers Guide To Freshers Week

Surviving Freshers Week

Not A Party Animal? This Is The Guide For You

Who You Will Meet At Uni

Music You’ll Need For Freshers Week

5  Signs You’re No Longer A Fresher

Sex and Freshers


After Freshers week:

How to cope with uni stress

Always Check To See If It Is A Photo Or A Video


Films and TV shows to watch when you are hungover:

The Best and Worst Films of Summer 2014

9 Movies You Need To Watch right now!

20 Films You May Have Missed

What You Should Be Watching On Your TV


A few other things..

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