Having a house party? Take a look at these tips below:

1. First things first, get everything you don’t want seen, destroyed or stolen locked away. Be it a diary, important lectures notes or your laptop.

2. Make sure you have activities/games ready for when people arrive. There’s always a slow start at house parties – keep funnels, an iPod dock or a beer pong table around so people don’t arrive and leave straight away!

3. Fancy dress is always a good idea – not only does it give people a disguise if they need it, but it’s FUN!

4. Cover your walls! It takes one person to trip over a cable in the living room for red wine to go all up your whitewash walls – your landlord won’t be happy. A easy and cheap way of doing this is using newspaper and blue-tack! It can also give your house a ‘grimy’ feel if that’s what you’re after!

5. Spice it up! Coloured light bulbs always add atmosphere.

6. If you don’t have mardy local neighbours and it’s warm, take everything into the garden. Borrow a gazebo from your mum if you have to! Spilt drinks won’t cause tears and there’s less mess for you to worry about the next day! It also offers a smoking area paradise!

7. If you don’t want 600 people turning up at 11pm, make sure your Facebook event is secret- or even just ensure that the people you invite don’t invite others! This can cause issues on the night.. and you definitely don’t want the police being called by passers by!

8. Planning a big one? Get a DJ! Avoid awkward pauses when your iPod finishes your ‘house party’ playlist – contact your university’s DJ society. Student DJs will play anywhere, and they love to play! Get them to come over the afternoon of the party to set up – but remember they’ll want to bring their mates too!