2013 is behind us now and it was a brilliant year for both film and music but what came on top above everything else? Well I’ll tell you the top 5 films and albums of last year which I most enjoyed.

Only God Forgives


Nicholas Winding Refn (director of Drive) and Ryan Gosling teamed up again for this weird walk through a nightmare as it seemed. Ryan Gosling plays a muay tai kick boxer who’s brother is killed and he is tasked to kill his brothers murderer. Theres a hell of a lot more to the film and by god it is also beautiful but this is a definite one to watch.




James McAvoy stars in this adaption of Irvine Welsh’s novel (the author of Trainspotting.) The film is a twisted dark story following a man (McAvoy) as he tries to manipulate his way into a promotion however his dark urges of playing with peoples lives gets in the way.


The Place Beyond The Pines

place beyond the pines

Our second Ryan Gosling film with again another team up from Gosling and director of Blue Valentine, Derek Cianfrance. The Place Beyond The Pines tells a story each from three characters and how incidents in the past have altered the future. The film is again another beautiful piece of work starring Gosling as a bank robber and Bradley Cooper as a the police officer trying to stop him.


Don Jon


Don Jon, written, directed and starring Joseph Gordon Levitt (Brick, Inception.) This is about a man (Don Jon) who suffers an addiction to porn however he doesn’t even realise it. Enter Scarlett Johansson as a beautiful new love interest and Don Jon just can’t control his urges. Check out my full review of this brilliant directorial debut from Levitt.




British director Danny Boyle returned with an elaborate tale of theft and hypnosis. Its a brilliant film, as are all from Danny Boyle, nut it’s something which really explores the mind psychologically. Again another film starring the brilliant James McAvoy as he leads the heist as things take a turn for the worst.


Now for some music with the top 5 albums for me of 2013:

Because The Internet

Childish Gambino Because The Internet

Now not many would have heard of Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover from the brilliant Community) but he’s a rapper who’s been going for over 5 years now slowly building his career. Now Because The Internet is his second album and it’s completely different from his first, that being said it is still brilliant. Be sure to check out songs like ‘3005’, ‘Pink Toes’ and ‘The Worst Guys.’

Marshall Mathers LP II


Eminem has returned to his roots with The Marshall Mathers LP II. This album dips in and out of his music career with not creating anything different and new but instead making a slight compilation of the different work he’s done. Be sure to check out tracks such as ‘Bad Guy’, ‘Rap God’ and ‘So Far.’

Random Access Memories


The gods of music have returned! Daft Punk are now here with their amazing (and slightly different but so what) album, ‘Random Access Memories.’ This album is brilliant with super hits like ‘Get Lucky’ still on repeat now. It’s slightly different from what they have done in the past but it is such a pleasant mellow album.

If You Wait


London Grammar came with their debut making a hit on the music scene this year with ‘If You Wait.’ The soft singing melodies are enough for anyone to keep these tracks on repeat but be sure to listen to ‘Nightcall’, the Cliff Martinez cover they have done which takes the song in an even better direction (sorry Cliff.)

Holy Fire


Foals returned and ditched their bounce indie pop music taking a more grungy dark mood this time with ‘Holy Fire’ but every song just echoes fantastic with tracks such as ‘Out of The Woods’, ‘Late Night’ and ‘Milk and Black Spiders.’ Don’t worry the pokiness is still slightly there with ‘Numbers’ (I did say slightly.)

Notable mentions of 2013:

Breaking Bad

Well Breaking Bad wrapped up making it (in my opinion) the top TV show, not of 2013, but instead the top TV show in the history of TV (move aside Sopranos!) If you haven’t watched this show yet then it is a must to get straight onto!

Orange Is The New Black

New comedy drama ‘Orange Is The New Black’ was realised direct onto Netflix last year and it just took everyone by surprise. It’s mix of drama and comedy is near perfect as we watch a female in mate in a prison facility try to fit into her surroundings.

Justin Timberlake

Be sure to check out Justin Timberlake’s new album ‘The 20/20 Experience.’ Split in two halves with Part 1 being released at the start and Part 2 nearer the end of 2013, it has a bust load of JT tracks to sink your teeth into. In personal opinion only listen to Part 1 as the true music lies there, Part 2 just doesn’t have a lot going on.


I should also mention ‘Gravity’ considered one of the ‘best’ films ‘ever’ in many peoples eye (but not really mine.) Don’t get me wrong, a brilliant film but sadly being released in the UK 2 months after everyone else and having to see the trailer a million times really took the thrill out of the experience for me.