Are you heading back to uni? Facing the troublesome task of hauling all your clothes back on cramped public transport? We’ve all been in that position. Heaving heavy cases with stuff that you’re starting to wish you’d left at home, up endless steps to get to your platform. Navigating other people and annoyingly small door compartments all the while looking for somewhere to put your case since there isn’t a chance it’ll fit on the roof luggage racks. Yes, it’s quite a task.

However when you’ve finally fulfilled the mission of finding your seat, the train has departed and you know you don’t have to move for a couple of hours, it’s one of very few times you have to do absolutely nothing. Wouldn’t it be good if you had a collection of songs to fit your melodramatic mood of leaving home and starting again? Something to go along with rolling countryside and dreams of romance that always seem to accompany a train journey. Well fear not, here it is.

Obviously there are plenty of choices that would be perfect, however only 10 could stand. The playlist selected is varied in style but all fit the criteria of being perfect for looking out the window on a sunny afternoon. From the well-known Pink Floyd to less established Awolnation, here is the final selection.

1) Going to California- Led Zepplin

2) Pink Moon- Nick Drake

3) Hey Ya- Obadiah Parker

4) Hey hey my my- Neil Young

5) Wish you were here- Pink Floyd

6) Skinny Love- Bon Iver

7) Hotel California- Eagles

8) Sail- Awolnation

9) Ain’t No Reason- Brett Dennen

10) This Years Love- David Gray