Student life eh? You’re not out in the big bad world yet. School days have passed and leaving behind that 9am-3pm schedule was never easier.  Yet university life is a whole new kettle of fish. A few assignments to do? Simple. Only timetabled an hour on Wednesday? sorted.  Kissing the parents goodbye as you leave the ‘house rules’ behind, cue freedom.


1) Packing:

You’ve struggled packing when you go on holiday for a week, but packing for uni is like nothing else. How can you pack up your whole life into the few boxes you can fit into your dads car. You think this is bad, but just wait until it’s time to take all the stuff you’ve collected over the year back home. Luggage gets shotgun in the car as you’ll be buying your train tickets home, hoarder.


2) Getting up on a morning:

It was difficult back in school days, it’s even more difficult now. Especially to those of you who have moved out. There’s nothing worse than being the only one up at 8am while everyone else is still sleeping. It’s even worse now winter is fast approaching. Going to uni looking like you’ve been dragged through a hedge is alright isn’t it? Worth the extra half an hour in bed? Totally.


3) Freshers flu:

Sorry, there ain’t no getting out of this one I’m afraid. It’s the inevitable. Once one gets it, the rest follow like dominoes. Remember to pack your favourite box set and prepare for a full day in bed with a cuppa and some biscuits.


4) Saying no to that extra drink:

You’re mates so drunk he doesn’t remember his name but he’s got the round in, you can’t refuse a free drink right? He’s had too many anyway, you’re definitely doing him a favour.


5) Dirty pint:

Playing the beloved ‘ring of fire’ pre drinks card game and a dash of wine, vodka, amaretto and a cheap cider later, it’s 4 kings later and someone’s got to do it. You’re in a room full of fellow students, you can’t back out now. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.


6) Talking yourself into doing that assignment:

‘I’ll definitely start it when I come home from uni,’ ‘I’ll have a plan by Tuesday.’ ‘Don’t worry I’ll have at least 200 words done by Friday so we can have a night out.’ Lies, all lies. The guilt builds as the deadline approaches and time is slipping away. Then next thing you know, its deadline day tomorrow and you’re sitting in the library – tired eyed, with sweets on hand and more energy drinks than you can shake a stick at.


7) Dealing with a messy house:

Crumbs in the carpet, dishes on the side that have been there for a week and the bins are overflowing. There’s always one who doesn’t tidy and tension builds as you don’t have a clean spoon to eat that last yoghurt that’s been waiting in the fridge. A quiet conversation may be needed to those who aren’t pulling their weight. You know what they say, a tidy home is a happy home..


8) Being poor:

Loan day comes and goes and next thing you know you’re off to the bank to extend that overdraft. The start of the year goes well, eating like kings having slap up meals and takeaways left right and centre then all downhill popping in the microwave meals, sigh.


9) Daily naps:

After a long hard hour at university, it’s been a long day. Time to settle into bed and get 40 winks in before everyone gets home. You don’t need to be a Nanna to have Nanna naps when you’re a student.


10) Missing home:

With a cupboard full of pasta and noodles in ten different flavours, home cooked food never tasted so good. You never fully appreciated sitting in front of the TV while she slaves away, but you will now. Make the most with weekend visits home and pig out at Christmas. You never thought you’d miss her this much. She does everything, and gives the best advice. She’ll always be right, and after all mother knows best.