We all love Disney, we often don’t want to admit it but we all love it. The classic stories, perfect animations and beautiful songs, Disney makes you smile, laugh and cry and I will be listing my top 10 Disney moments for your consideration.

10 – You Can Fly!
In Peter Pan, the whole sequence from start to end with the song ‘You Can Fly!’ is a masterpiece, one I find myself smiling at still as they fly through the sights of London to Neverland for the first time, the fact the dog, Nanny, wants to come as well just adds to it. All you need is faith, trust and pixie dust.


9 – Carl and Ellie
The first 15 minutes of Up were beautiful, the children meeting on the shared love for adventure and eventually marrying and buying the clubhouse they always wanted as children. These two pulled on my heartstrings as we saw a short glimpse of the life they shared, until Ellie’s unfortunate passing. It brought a tear to my eye as the speechless sequence acted out a beautiful display and showed that life really is that short.


8 – This is My Family
Lilo and Stitch is one of my favourite and taught me a line I found myself relying on to get through a tough time in my life, ‘Ohana is family and family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten.’ When the 8 year old Lilo said those words, you felt a smile on your face, but when Stitch asks to say goodbye…it is something that I can only describe as heartwarming.


7 – So long, partner
Toy Story 3 was the film I was not ready for, I found myself laughing, smiling and crying at this film. This was the one scene we knew was coming, but we didn’t want to. Andy was leaving for college and had finally decided what to do with the toys, he gave them a new home with Bonnie. This scene was a lovely send off for the toys and characters we love and I shed a few tears.


6 – Simply Meant To Be
Jack and Sally were meant to be and we knew it throughout the whole film, after the two are reunited after saving Christmas a short song is shared between the two, simple and effective. The music in this film made it for me and this was my favourite moment.


5 – Honey…
…where’s my super suit? In the midst of the climatic battle in Pixar’s finest film, The Incredibles, Samuel L Jackson’s Frozone is missing his super suit. What follows is a hilarious argument between him and his wife, which I know almost everyone can quote off the top of their heads. Don’t deny it, this was hilarious.


4 – Part of Your World
Letting go finally, King Triton allows his daughter, Ariel, to join the love of her life on the surface by granting her the one thing she needs, legs. The short ending sequence brought smiles on our faces as we saw the little mermaid become a princess of land and sea.


3 – The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway
Frozen has taken the world by storm, there is no denying it, and I am one of the many fans. Let it Go is one of the best songs produced by Disney, and this whole sequence is inspiring and an all-round feel good moment.  One thing I noticed during this scene, when Elsa creates her famous blue dress, her skin and hair lightens. She literally freezes herself. Bit of trivia there for you.


2 – Long Live the King
It would be a crime if I didn’t include this moment. This is a top 10, but not all memorable moments in Disney are happy ones. Mufasa’s death is my 2nd most memorable  moment, it was a moment I remember from when I saw it as a very young child. Simba’s poor face as he begged his Dad to get up made it included in this list.


1 – At Last I See the Light
My number 1 spot belongs to one of the most beautiful sequences in modern Disney, the lantern scene in Tangled. With the beautiful backdrop of a river, the lanterns floated above the city of Corona with their lost princess watching from a boat miles away. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up every time they light the first lantern, it’s a beautifully dazzling sight to see and that’s why it is my number 1 Disney moment.


Let me know what you think on my opinions, I know 10 moments doesn’t do Disney justice and I would have left some classic moments out. However I know my list will change in the next few years with Disney releasing more and more amazing films each year.