Whether it is 1 week, 2 weeks or just 3 days,  your break up from university for Christmas is just around the corner. If you are just starting to feel the urge of slacking off, bunking or simply can not fight the cold in the morning to get in for your lectures – hang on in there! If you keep working hard until that last minute you will truly enjoy the Christmas break knowing you have work well this term.

However, for all you lucky, lucky lot who have already broken up. Well, I am sure you have nothing to worry about while you sit at home, drink hot coco and catch up on all the DVD Boxsets you could not watch this term.

With that final push to go I understand it can be stressful at university especially if you have last minute deadlines, notes, revision and/or assignments to prepare, finish and send off. So here they are ‘Tips for your last minute assignments before Chrimbo*‘.


Tip Five – Deadlines

If you have a deadline and it is fast approaching get your pens, paper and laptop and start writing.

It is coming towards the end of the year but that does not mean you should lose all your motivation with the hope of it coming back to you in the new term. Assignments before Christmas can be hard as you will find it is one of the most busiest times in your term and timetable but fear not:

  1. Take your time and plan your work out. Your lecturer or whoever is marking your work will be able to see the difference in a rushed piece of work and a piece of work which is well researched and accurate.
  2. Do not send your work off just before the timed deadline (I mean with one minute to go!). Make sure you have enough time to read through your work and make sure any errors are corrected.
  3. If you are stuck, ask your lecturer. You are paying £9000 a year, you can ask questions and you should expect helpful answers!


Tip Four – Stay focused and do not get distracted!

Around this time of year everywhere will be tempting you with the latest offers and deals. Be it a club, shopping centre or simply the nearest Costa Coffee offering Double points on their new Christmas drinks every Tuesday. With tight deadlines you have to make a sacrifice – do you:

  • Ignore your work, never look at it again and forget it exists?


  • Work hard until the deadline, then relax all you want during Christmas break?

(f you are struggling, Number 2 sounds a lot better)


Tip Three – Take a break and stop panicking

During this time off year the amount of demanding deadlines and limited time can often mean getting stressed out especially if you haven’t been working as hard as you know you should this term.

Relax and make a schedule of what you need to have done by the time you are meant to break up. If you break up next week Friday, think realistically about what you can do in this time. If you break up this coming Wednesday or in 2 weeks, the same rule applies.


Tip Two – Prepare yourself for the deadline to get even tighter!

It is simply a fact of life. As you get closer and closer to the Christmas break expect to be pulled in more than one direction.

Whether it is your lecturer who is calling or a group of friends who want you out of uni, remember you only have a little bit of time left so hang on in there.


Tip One – Remember to submit!

This is the moment you have been waiting for! Submitting the essay and pieces of work you have been working hard to finish before the Christmas break. My top tip for you is to get it in! Do not put it off or leave it for the next day because it will be too late!

If you do not know where to submit your work, ASK!



*Chrimbo – Christmas