As some may have guessed, Assassin’s Creed: Unity released to quite poor presentation standards brought up by reviews and gamers alike. The graphics and lighting however, praised extremely well. It’s running performance that has been hitting the headlines recently.

Glitches and Low fluctuating framerates plague one of the most exciting releases of 2014 and it’s a big shame. It doesn’t mean the game is unplayable by any means. But the game could certainly have released a lot more polished.

It makes it even worse when the review embargo was set for the day after release (in the US). So Ubisoft must have know the game had problems and weren’t confident enough with it so they had to keep everyone quiet about the game until the very last minute. That means people with pre-orders down on the game weren’t able to see if their pre-orders were justified. Sites were already worried at the most recent preview event that the game didn’t look like it was running very well. They had their fingers crossed that it was an older build or that it was something easily fixed and optimised before release but it seems this wasn’t the case.

Some gamers believe that PS4 and Xbox One aren’t powerful enough to handle the game, citing mainly that the crowds and such put a big strain on them. That might be true but it could also be due to poor optimisation. This becomes even more reasonable when you consider even the PC version runs even worse. It seems you need an absolute powerhouse PC just to run the game at a steady pace.

There’s no deny a lot of hard work has gone into Unity. The sumptuous lighting, the beautifully decorated interiors and painstakingly rendered architecture. The French Revolution is the perfect setting for an Assassins Creed game with many reviewers commenting that it returns to the series roots and ditches the tiresome tail missions and keeps the fundamental stuff that made Assassin’s Creed games exciting. The best in the series since Assassin’s Creed 2.

It’s not the first time gamers have been left disappointed by a recent Ubisoft release. Watchdogs also suffered backlash from fans who believed the game didn’t looked like what was shown at Game Events prior to release.

It seems fair to me that gamers deserve an apology for a substandard quality game. It’s a wonder it passed any quality assurance tests and none of the glitches and bad framerates were addressed. In an age where games are becoming very expensive, we should expect a certain level of quality. “Vote with your wallets” many have be stating on various forums. “Don’t fund mistakes”.

Hopefully Ubisoft will try to fix some performance issues with the game. It’s unclear right now hat could be done. With a day one patch already released, it might be some time before we see any sort of patch. I for one will hold off on this release for at least the time being. If Ubisoft really care about their prestigious franchise, they will do everything they can to get it running at least a little bit better.

I doubt huge fans of Assassin’s Creed will be put off and will head out to buy it regardless. But even fans would agree that the game deserves some more careful polishing to get it up to a standard we’ve come to expect.

It’s looking quite solid that Ubisoft will be taking the “Worst Video Game Company Award” from EA this year.


Digital Foundry have recently released a very useful insight into just how bad the framerate can be on both PS4 and Xbox One: