Hey Stud’s, I’m not goin to lie I’m only here because it’s cash in hand so this is my weekly gabble. Times are tight in the student community and we are all looking for the quintisential bargain. Well I’ve found an absoloute cracker, Its called the Holy Bible, not sure of the author but he/she is rather good. Best thing about it is that despite it being recommended by “Richard and Judy” its free from the majority of average hotels or ebay and comes in a range of fantastic colours.

I don’t want to spoil it for you but I’ll give a brief rundown. Basically there is this lad called “God”, he was very big in the game thousands of years ago! Well he made everything, and I mean everything! Then all is going well so he decides to mix things up abit and puts a naked bloke onto the scene. Now some bird turns up and causes havoc, eats a bad apple or something and must of give her a dodgy stomach or something because she’s made a total mess of Eden. This God chap is fuming and gives them both there marching orders. Proper trailor trash stuff. Then some dude, called Jesus, turns up on a Donkey or something like that, I was skim reading at this point. Now this this is the twist, this Jesus has a mom called Mary. This crazy minks had got up the stick and tried to pin it all on God?

Joseph, her chap, is in no way happy. Anyway it goes off and basically not even Jeremy Kyle and 4 minutes with Graeme could’nt sort this mess out. Jesus grows up in a heartbeat and starts dropping miracles. Gets an NVQ level 3 in it and everything. His greatest miracle he performed was making beards look cool. Loads of other hairbrain antics occur and the twist at the end is amazing but I wont spoil it for you….other than that not much happens….oh apart from some guy goes up a huge mountain proabaly on a Duke of Edinburgh or something and some other nut job builds a massive boat..no idea why because started skipping pages. Make sure you get one of these , great read, great plot and loads of people recommend it, and I mean they really recommend it!

Now my Nan recommended it actually. She knows what shes talking about and she is a proper nan not like these 50 something nans with a Blackberry. Mine has a hairy chin, always moaning and most things she comes out with have an undertone of racism. Your classic old bag.  She’d like you all to read it so enjoy and I’ll be back soon.