I have something to admit. I have always thought politics a boring waste of time and have always tried to ignore its existence. However, I fear that this has made me ignorant. Instead of learning about how politics affects me, I’ve spent practically every weekend since I turned 18 downing shots without considering how politics shapes my daily life. Had I even considered how the price of my shots had been influenced by politics? Had I hell!

Now that the next general election is nearing on Thursday 7th May, it is perhaps an idea to consider if and who you will be voting for this year. What has made me decide to pay attention to what is happening this time around I hear you cry? I’ll explain. Since the last election, I have seen changes which I don’t believe have been for the better. Whilst I have nothing personally against David Cameron, I haven’t been a fan of his policies and that if I (daresay) had been in his position, I would have done his job a lot differently. Whilst I will never be Prime Minister, (its ok, guys, I promise I won’t cry!) I’ve realised that I can influence who will be and hope that if the party I vote for come into power, then I have had a part to play in deciding how the future of the country will pan out, which to me sounds better than all the sleepless nights and early hair greying, anyway.

If I had considered all the ways in which politics has an effect on me and my life, I would have certainly taken more of an interest a lot sooner. The men running for election may have terrible hair styles and say stupid things on a regular basis. (They are men, after all, so we have to excuse this!) However, one of them inevitably will end up being the next prime minister for the next five years. Who do you want to be the one deciding what changes are made? If you still don’t give a toss about how you could potentially influence the changes in this country for the next few years, you’ll find the ghost of old me waiting for you to join her in your local Wetherspoons. If however, this has been a wake up call and got you signing up to vote faster than you can say, “general election”, I shall see you at the polling station.