Here’s a guide that you ought to know if you are a travel enthusiast or you happen to find yourself on a plane every now and then. Here we will tell you how you can get the best seats, airplane habits that you need to avoid and all insider secrets so that you can have a safer and very cheap flight too.

  1. Things safety demo doesn’t teach you during flights
  • Dim cabin lights help to adjust your eyes to the dark so that you can easily find a way out in an emergency.
  • Tray tables are put up during takeoffs and landings so that passengers sitting in your adjoining seats can also escape when they need to
  • Always keep your window open so that firefighters can see you inside incase of a crash.
  1. Fuel Is Always Low

Fuel is expensive and therefore airlines always carry as much as they need to make the trip only. In case of bad weather or unexpected delays, there are more chances of emergency landings because the plane is always running out of gas.

  1. In Case Your Flight Is Overbooked

Don’t ever accept the vouchers airlines offer you if your flights are overbooked. They keep increasing the offer until they have enough volunteers who will willingly give up their seats. If they bump you without a reason, always insist on cash compensation rather than checks or vouchers.

  1. When Booking Group Trip

When you book for a group trip ensure that you search for one ticket at a time. This is because airlines bump group tickets into a higher price bracket.

  1. Luggage Lost

Be prompt in reporting it, even if you find the lines long. Most airlines have a deadline and if you miss it your claim for your lost luggage might be denied.