If you’re like me (which you very well could be) then you’ll be wondering what has happened to modern music.

Now before I carry on, I’d just like to say it’s not all modern music that gives me panic attacks. I’d also like to point out I’m not some sort of music snob. I’m not going to judge you just because you happen to like something, which to me, is like a nightmare in musical form.

I’ve never been a fan of current music, so I simply don’t listen to it. I turn to the past in order to find songs I can hold dear and love. This obsession took another step in the summer when I became the proud owner of a record player and my parents’ old record collection. Now I get to jitterbug to my hearts content!

Right now, as I sit here writing this and you’re sat at your computer or laptop I have all my windows open and The Beatles Greatest Hits record spinning away happily.

It’s hot, sunny days like this when my music collection is put to good use and I choose specific songs that make the day that little bit brighter.

The point in this article is simple.  I want to point out some classic little ditties that maybe you’ve heard, maybe you haven’t. Perhaps you don’t even know that you know them.

I’m not ordering you to listen to them (sadly, my plans for world domination didn’t go as I’d hoped so I can’t tell you what to do).

But maybe, just maybe, you’ll give them a listen and find something you love. Something that makes you want to hear more and the world of tunes from the past is opened up for you to relish in all its beauty and wonder.

This is just a list of ten tracks I think you might want to give a go. They’re all different so (fingers crossed) there should be something for everyone to get their ears into!

1)      Perfect- Fairground Attraction

2)      Boys Don’t Cry- The Cure

3)      This Charming Man- The Smiths

4)      I Want To Hold Your Hand- The Beatles

5)      Life on Mars- David Bowie

6)      Cocaine- Jimi Hendrix

7)      Heart of Glass- Blondie

8)      The Passenger- Iggy Pop

9)      Dead Souls- Joy Division

10)   Another Brick In The Wall – Pink Floyd


So, give them a listen, perhaps there’s something you haven’t heard before. Maybe you’ll have a new musical experience, maybe not. Either way, it won’t hurt to give the waters of older music a try. Some of these tracks could turn out to be the sound of your summer.