Buying your first home is an exciting, if stressful at times, experience. You need to balance many considerations including affordability, the type of housing available, and location.

For many, location is the top consideration when it comes to buying a home. Where you buy your first home will be where you start to lay permanent roots and will stay in this place for years if not decades. You will also need to consider what kind of city would be the ideal place for you. Are you more creative and seeking a vibrant nightlife, or considering starting a family and settling down somewhere quieter?

No matter what kind of city you’re thinking of you, will find the perfect fit in the UK. With this in mind here are our top 5 cities for buying your first home.


Manchester is a vibrant city that is hugely popular amongst younger house buyers. Its affordability combined with its rich nightlife and culture makes it a top choice for any first-time buyer. Thanks to Manchester mortgage brokers such as Jamie Thompson Mortgages, who is actually a first-time buyer specialist, you can be sure that the first home you buy is right for you. Choosing a specialist in mortgages for first-time buyers can truly make all the difference when buying your new home.


Liverpool has gone from strength to strength in recent years and is perfect for anyone looking for vibrant city life but with many unique qualities. Liverpool combines the big city vibe with a close-knit community. Any fan of the Beatles will know that Liverpool is a city with great musical roots, so Liverpool could be a perfect choice for the more creative and musically minded.

Liverpool is also a very affordable city to live in, though you may have to venture a few miles away from the city centre to find the most affordable locations.


York has a rich and varied history and is a beautiful place to live. It is a must for history lovers with stunning archaeology and historic attractions. It also has a low crime rate which many first-time buyers find attractive.

It is a very accessible city, perfect for drivers and non-drivers alike. The surrounding countryside is excellent for days out and the city itself is full of activities, bars, and restaurants to try.


Bath is a beautiful choice for first-time buyers looking for a more relaxed city to settle in. The beautiful nearby countryside makes it perfect for people looking for a combination of city and country life.

Bath is also home to several major companies, including Screwfix, making it a great place to move for employment.


Oxford consistently comes out first in lists of the best places to live in the UK. While it is an undeniable beautiful and cultural place to live homes there come with a heavier price tag.

For many, this will be worth it as it has excellent connections to London and the surrounding areas making it ideal for commuters and those who like to travel.