The school prom is one of the most eagerly anticipated social events in any teenagers life, possibly myself included. It’s giving me that one chance to dress in a beautiful gown, have my hair done, have some treatments and truly be ‘princess for the day.’ I get to socialise with my year group, say my final goodbyes and have what I would hope to be a good night. I guess it’s a sort of passage into the threshold of what is adult life.

However, on the otherhand, this whole experience does not come cheaply; dresses costing £300, shoes £50, makeup, hair and then theres the spray tans, false eye-lashes and nails. As i’m sure you can imagine, it all adds up rather dramatically- Something i am quite sure my Mum doesn’t appreciate. I could defend myself, and claim that it is a one in a lifetime experience, but unfortunatley i’d be lying. Yes, these prom nights are quite the re-accuring thing. I mean, the school prom alone is out of the question! There seems to be a sixthform/college prom, and even a university prom. Imagine multiplying the sum of the school prom by 3- it is slightly eccentric.

There is even the subject of the British trying to copy the Americans by showcasing the prom in the British schools- and failing. How could we possibly live up to the American expectations? We have all watched the typical chick-flick based on the school prom in America, the love stories that commence from the prom, the amazing night the characters endure, dancing until the early hours of the next morning. So does that dilemma make our efforts seem pointless, laughable?

It is up to you to make your mind up about the matter, is the school prom a waste of money? Or is it the closest a teenager can get to a fairytale?
Whatever your opinion of the matter, the school prom will still continue, for many generations i am quite sure- so enjoy it. Make the most of the oppourtunity, whether you wear an elegant gown, a huge ‘princess’ dress, a short and simple dress, whatever. It’s your night, your school prom, your fairytale…