So we all know that this weekend is centred upon the Queens Diamond Jubilee- I mean how couldn’t you? It’s all everyone’s talking about!
60 years ago, on June the 2nd, Queen Elizabeth II became the Queen of Britain, exciting right? Well I’m sure the older generation are rather excited by it, and are throwing little celebrations left right and centre- but is that on many of the younger generations ‘to do list’s’?

To find that out I decided to ask five students whether they were interested in all this ‘commotion’ with the Queen, and unsuprisingly four out of the five were far from it. One stated “Not atall, I don’t even know what the Queen does,” and another quite boldly saying “I couldn’t care less!” So, we can quite easily come to the conclusion that the majority of the younger generation do not have celebrating the Queen’s reign on the top of their to do lists.

However, I’m sure the majority of young people are grateful towards the Diamond Jubilee for one thing… And that is the bank holiday ofcourse! Moreover, this isn’t just the common bank holiday Monday, theres  A bank holiday Tuesday too! And being a part of the younger generation myself can clarify that that is certainly something to celebrate! I wonder what you would rather do, why don’t you ask yourself – sit and enjoy the Diamond Jubilee live on television, with the nice company of your Grandparents, a cuppa and a scone, or live up the bank holiday weekend and treat each day as you would the weekend with the company of your friends and a hell of a lot of alcohol!

That is just the ‘youth of today’ as my own Gran would describe it, but lets be frank, if we were all the same and into Tea and scones the world would be a pretty boring place! But, couldn’t the two prospects of celebrating the Queens 60 year monarchy be mixed together, to unite the two very different generations? Take the street parties for example, (which there are a lot of this weekend.) This is the perfect way to get younger people involved, I mean what student would say no to a party! Theres probably thousands taking place across the face of Britain this weekend, one of which i attended today in Manchester. The atmosphere was brilliant, and the two generations mixed together ‘immensly!’

Many of the high street department stores such as Topshop and Riverisland are certainly in the Jubilee spirit, selling a variety of clothing of which marks the Jubilee. Something which will set the trend off to the younger generation too! Why not head down there and buy some of the very on trend clothing items and excitingly get involved!

It seems that the Diamond Jubilee can from one angle be very boring, but if you find another way of looking at it, there is a lot of fun you can gain. I made sure that the five people I had questioned on the Jubilee further up in the article had not attended the street party today, but i’m almost positive that if they had, their views would dramatically change! In the words of Benjamin Franklin: ‘Lost time is never found again.’ Make the most of each day, and make each one memorable. Wouldn’t it be nice, in another 60 years time for you to sit with your Grandchild, and tell them of the exciting and memorable time you speant celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee. It doesn’t happen everyday you know.